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Thread: You own glocks... want a cookie?

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    Amen Walt amen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TC1926 View Post
    Um, You started the thread.
    And tighter groupings don't mean *****.
    Can you shoot and move, reacquire the target and defend yourself and your family? I carry a Glock because in all the time I've had it, I've never had a malfunction. When and if I ever have to use it, I'm confident it will work. That is why I carry it.
    Wow! "Tighter groupings don't mean *****" Wow! The sounds of a 'see and spray' comment. I think I'll take a 2" 3 shot grouping in center mass over 15 in the floor, ceiling and background any day.

    Something an old fart (who knew a lot more about guns and shooting than I did at the time) told me that the high capacity guns (them new fangled auto loaders!) would be the demise of good shooting. He said when you get the notion in your head that you got 15 rounds to do the work you should take care of with 6, you get sloppy.

    To some extent I have to agree he's right. Especially when someone makes the comment "tight groupings don't matter" (cleaned up for the mixed gender crowd we have here). Personally, I retired my beautiful blue steel lethal work of art for the more utilitarian plastic defense tool with a higher capacity some years ago. But in my book accuracy is everything.

    Running, weaving, bobbing, diving for cover, Hollywood roll over and 200 round magazines won't do you a bit of good if you can't hit the aggressor (notice I didn't say target) with the first couple of rounds. Accuracy/grouping is everything.

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    Where's my cookie?

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    Omm nom nom, glad the good glockers don't take it personal, the "salesmen" know who they are.. I mean no offense but I am offended by some.. Do what you do, love what you love, and praise don't push....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff S View Post
    You need to meet some nice Glock owners like myself. I say to each his own. I agree, nobody should have to put down anyone else's purchase to justify why they have a Glock. I don't, just happen to like their simplicity and function. Stay safe.
    Jeff, gotta love the easy parts interchange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    Where's my cookie?
    The sheepdogs must have eaten it already.

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    I agree, every post about an weapon ends up saying you should of bought a Glock. I have bought an Glock Not impressed. Sorry to you Glock lovers. I will take an cheap 1911 before buying another Glock. Once again Im truly sorry for you diehard Glock owners. They are just not for me.

  9. Yes, I own a glock...Please pass the cookies.. I agree with above mentioned, that one can easily get into the mentality of knowing they have 16 rounds and their shooting goes into the crapper.. If hunting one should always start with a single shot weapon.. That being said, Shoot what works for you.. I really don't care what you have.. My glock is a goat and I love it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan G View Post
    Yes, I own a glock...Please pass the cookies..
    Wait, you mean that the sheepdogs didn't eat all of them yet?

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    Glocks are simply not sexy!!!!

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