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Thread: You own glocks... want a cookie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    I found my own cookie, dammit.
    I'm glad you got to it before the sheepdogs did.

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    Originally this post was intended so that maybe some of the "salesmen" would read and realize we've all heard the perfection sales pitch they could do us both a favor and keep it to themselves .... yes this could be about a 1911 or anything else... in my area its glocks... and still even this thread people feel the need for round about sales pitches and that's my point!!!... I never said anything bad about their guns.... its pushy people who promote them like nothing else will protect you... while singing a song that never ends......

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    Just my opinion, not to many of us have had to shoot when our safety is on the line,so use what you like a learn to use it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by tuts40 View Post
    Where did I read this: A pretty Kimber is something you show your friends, a Glock is what you show your enemy. ...Can I have a cookie now?
    Good one!! I agree there are folks who live their lives through the internet, looking for acceptance in their choices..Pretty sad.. Someone said they actually bought a glock because they wanted to like it? That's messed up as well..
    I would love to have too much money.. Like I said earlier, I am trying to make my glock fail, so far it's not playin ball.. Buy what works for you, not because it is pretty..

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    I look at this sort of like baseball. It's not the NY Yankees that bother but their fans can get a little annoying. Anybody can decide what team to cheer for just as we all could have decided to buy a Glock. I juust happened to settle on something different.

  7. I picked up a sig. at the gun shop a couple weeks Don't tell my glock ok?

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    Cookies!! Nom nom nom. Well anyway. Now that the Cookie Monster has left. Love the blue guy (he carrys a Glock too :D). I understand the whole sales pitch thing (being a former car salesman), and I understand how tiring that can be. I am also a Glock owner. I first got my Glock 17 and later expanded into the 19 and 26 models. I do like how I can use the larger grip magazine in the smaller grip guns. I really liked the 17 when I got it, but I find that I carry the 19 more often. The grip feels better, if my 17 were an older one without the finger grooves, I might not notice. I will also CC the 26, but my spare mag is always from a 17. i just like warring that way. I also have a 1911 and I love shooting it. My SP101 is a great revolver. If I leave home I'm away armed. If for some reason I cannot carry one of my Glocks because of my dress then I'll carry what I can. Most likely a Kel Tec. Another plastic gun some people love to hate, and get salepitched to others. :D They (all of my firearms) work for me, carry what works for you. :)

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    ooooooo... cookies

    I carry a Glock, but am no salesman. Like many have said before, get a gun that works for you and use it. The only time I come close to being a salesman is when somebody mindlessly attacks the Glock. (Note: Not all attacks are mindless. I refer only to those who attack what they do not know, those who have not done their homework, those who say "I don't like it, therefore you shouldn't like it either" et cetera)

    We've all seen those with a baseless hatred of a product. We've all seen those with a quasi-religious devotion to a product. I don't consider Gaston Glock a prophet (nor John Moses Browning for that matter), but I've seen some who just might think that (on either count). I just have a problem with those who discount my well-researched and tested choice of personal firearm simply because they disagree with it.
    "Gun issues are the canary in the coal mine. Watch suspiciously anyone who doesn’t believe in the right of honest people to arm themselves. They WILL reveal themselves in time as the tyrant wannabes that they really are." - Cary Concealed

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    I don't like Glocks. They are ugly. The trigger is horrible. The balance it not good. They do not feel as good in my hand as a CZ-75B. They are not as reliable as a revolver when it comes to crappy ammunition. They do not have a safety to keep the thing from going off when it is in my pocket.

    I carry a Glock. Why? They are well made, accurate in my hands, and the only thing that I have to do is draw and pull the trigger. A good holster can be found for one anywhere. There are almost no repairs that cannot be done by the shooter (with minimal skill). They carry lots of ammo for their size.

    There is no such thing as a perfect gun. There are perfect idiots who think that there is such a thing, but I dismiss them. I am the weapon. The pistol is just a tool that I use. The glock is simply a tool, and a good tool. If I want to show a gun off, I have a highly polished CZ for that. If I want to carry a gun in my pocket, I have a Beretta .380 and several Smith & Wesson revolvers for that. If I am carrying in other conditions than the above (90% of the time), I am carrying a Glock. What are you carrying? I could not care less. Sit on your cookie and rotate.

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    Well hell, if salesmen are bugging you. try this out:

    Every time I walk into Best Buy I get assaulted by Direct TV salesmen. I have 0 interest in satellite, had it before and didn't care for it, which I used to tell them every time. Sometimes they'd stop, but most of the time they'd start asking more questions and then I'd have to be rude and walk away or tell them again I'm not interested and keep walking. I made a discovery when I got assaulted and the item I was looking for a the store was still within earshot of the salesman. Another gentleman walked by and he got the pitch from the salesman, but he put his hands up and told the guy he was a Direct TV subscriber.

    Salesman stopped and thanked him, and went on his way.

    Guess what? Every time I walk into Best Buy they don't get two words out before I say I'm a subscriber and they thank me and move on.

    Yeah it's BS, but it saves me and them both time.

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