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    Seems like that would give you plenty of penetration power, don't they US air marshals use this caliber?

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    Excuse my ignorance,

    What does EDC Stand for?

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    No way all of us can remember or know all of these abbreviations...

    EDC= Every Day Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by trophyhunter:240812
    Excuse my ignorance,

    What does EDC Stand for?
    EDC-- Every Day Carry

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    How quickly can you get off follow-up shots with .357Mag/SIG vs .38 Spl/9X19?
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  7. I carry LCR357 and its a great Summer carry or BUG...( Back up Gun)

    I carry 2 speed strips if needed for reloads....

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    I carry a Chappa Rhino 200DS 357mag as a BUG, and sometimes as my main gun. I shot my friends LCR 38/357 and with the magnum load it was a handful! I ran across the Chiappa and there is no recoil, its like shooting a 22 revolver. Who would have thought that by dropping the firing position from a 12o'clock to a 6 o'clock would make such a huge difference. My 14 year old daughter can rapid fire it and hold it in a 8 inch group at 15 feet. Its ugly as sin but makes up for it in its ability to require the target so quickly. And when shooting 38's in it its like shooting mini 22 rounds. If your a wheel gunner, its definitely worth checking out. Trigger pull is high, like 15lbs so it will never accidentally go off.

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    you should carry what you feel comfortable carring, As for me?, I would'nt carry a revolver, just personal preference

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    Shawn, while I do agree with you to an extent, I do like revolvers for a backup weapons. That being said, my Glock 26 is my primary EDC, with a Taurus 851 CIA strapped to my ankle as a backup. Yes, you may think that's paranoid, but both guns have one spare reload apiece. So for the Glock, I carry 1 extra mag with the gun. As for the Taurus, a Tuff Products Quickstrip goes in my pocket, and three HKS speedloaders in the car.

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