10 year old steals gun from locked safe and takes to school.
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Thread: 10 year old steals gun from locked safe and takes to school.

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    10 year old steals gun from locked safe and takes to school.

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    Wow! You tell one, the rest of the world knows...I am glad no one was hurt. I still wish they could have called the parents too. Maybe someone did but it wasn't mentioned.
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    My boy is 10. Really hope Im teaching him right and he doesnt ever let anyone influence him into trying this. The fact that the kids could not get it to fire tells me his parents didnt teach him anything about firearms. In this case it could have been bad if they had. My some has fired most of the guns I own and has taken the NRA Home Firearm Safety course.

    It also makes me wonder... WHAT THE HELL is going on the his friends house that he wants a gun to "assault certain members of his own family"

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    Am I missing something? What is the safe for? Do they just keep plants on the top of it?

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    The safe was locked; the kid found the key and opened the safe. Sounds like the parents did what they could. Some folks you just can't reach (referring to the kid here).

    I'm curious as to how much the kids knew. Mag inserted, but no bang? Sounds like they hadn't (or couldn't?) work the slide to load it.
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    Good lesson for all of us. I know where my key is (one on my key ring and a spare in the house)and I have no children left in the house. But you know for sure its getting moved tonight regardless.

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    My wife and I (only) know the safe combo and it is written in only one place, away from the house, that only we both know about. None of our kids or anyone else knows it. ...What's so complicated about that?
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