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Thread: social anxiety when you don't carry?

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    I'm kinda curious as to how many of you started carrying in the beginning. I know for me I suffer pretty bad social anxiety, and not the take medicine to cure it type. People that know I pack think its an over reaction, yet I think they are potential victims. Some will come up with what if scenarios but the truth is this, I carry because I refuse to be a victim. Even in the eyes of defeat ill plant my feet and draw my gun. There is to many angry, bitter, just a scowl away from snapping jerk offs out there who refuse to get help until its to late. I wish I didn't see the world as a dark place but it is, and we only get worse by the generation. I know my generation should NOT be parents! ( I'm 29 ) we've simply been through too much. I don't know 1 woman who HASN'T been some sort of victim to a sexual assault. NOT 1!

    I wish I was blind to it all. To go through life without a care in the world. Unfortunately every time I left the house unarmed anxiety would strike me constantly. At least I know I can choose how I go down should it ever come to that. So why do you carry? Are you crazy like me?! ^_^ ironically even though I'm a gun nut I'm completely anti violence.
    I just carry because I like guns, and protection of course. And of course because I started looking at gun porn and couldnt resist them.

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    I have carried every waking moment for the past few years since I made the commitment. Obvious exceptions being the shower, swimming pool, etc. I carry when I exercise, when I am at work, when I go out to shop or have dinner, and when I'm just lounging around the house.

    Once a few months back, my morning routine got all bass-ackward, and I managed to end up at work with 2 full mags, but no gun. I felt like those dreams we all have where we are in WalMart in our know the one. Anyway, long story short, by lunch we were reunited.

    Was I panicked? No. Uncomfortable? Hell yeah! Was I kicking my own a$$ for the rest of the day? Yep. Is that psychosis?

    My experience is that whenever a person becomes so convicted in a certain belief that they are unwilling to compromise that belief, some small-minded social butterfly will try to label them "fanatic" or "extremist" or "intolerant" or "psychotic" some other such drivel. Ignore them and stick to your convictions.

  4. Cotillion, I'm a moderate, nonviolent type of guy, but I carry all the time, even running around the corner to get milk. I do not carry where it's illegal, and that's about it. If I'm going to a friend's house — one where I know guns are unwelcome — I may choose to leave it in the car out of courtesy to them, but even if I have it on me, it's never an issue (concealed means concealed).

    The world is not that bad a place. Bad things do happen, but they are not the norm. Please beware the bombardment of bad news in the media. There is lots of hope and joy around. Enjoy your friends, family, neighbors and religious community. Just because I carry, it doesn't mean I'm perpetually anxious, least of all about bringing children into this world. In fact, part of the reason I carry is for their sake.

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    I carry 99% of the time I'm out of the house. The only time I don't carry is when I'm going somewhere that it's legally prohibited. I usually feel a bit strange but it passes after a few minutes. Tonight, for example, I'll be going to a bar with some friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. The pistol will remained locked in my truck. My uneasiness will pass....probably after my 12th Bud Lite
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    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

  6. Talk about anxiety, i live in erie county n.y 14 miles south in the burbs of buffalo. waiting 5 months now for a letter from the judge

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    Carry everywhere legal and carry all the time including at home, just being a good boy scout.

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    I've carried for awhile now, however, I don't feel naked or vulnerable when I'm not. I now there are BGs out there but there are many many more good people. I remain aware of what's around and avoid places where I'd feel vulnerable. I just don't go anywhere I don't feel safe regardless of whether I'm armed or not, and I wouldn't take my family there. I'm sure through training and my commitment to protect them I could likely succeed but why take the chance. They are too precious to me. I understand there are risks, anything could happen at anytime, that's why I carry, to be prepared, but I won't allow fear to run my life. When I become to vulnerable to face the day I'll just stay home. There you'll find me, my old mossy and enough piss and vinegar to defend the homestead. Oh and BTW there's nothing sexier than my wife and her new XD.

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    Carrying is part of my normal routine as soon as I wake up in the yawning and like you, I feel uneasy not feeling my gun -- he is my hip partner. If I don't have him, I'd feel lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Providence Ranch View Post
    I have carried every waking moment for the past few years since I made the commitment. Obvious exceptions being the shower, swimming pool, etc. I carry when I exercise, when I am at work, when I go out to shop or have dinner, and when I'm just lounging around the house.
    Get a Glock 17 and fit it with marine spring cups. No need to be without a sidearm when swiming.

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    Do those work on the 22? If so, then all I'd need is a James Bond style undersea holster and I'm set!

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