social anxiety when you don't carry?
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Thread: social anxiety when you don't carry?

  1. social anxiety when you don't carry?

    I'm kinda curious as to how many of you started carrying in the beginning. I know for me I suffer pretty bad social anxiety, and not the take medicine to cure it type. People that know I pack think its an over reaction, yet I think they are potential victims. Some will come up with what if scenarios but the truth is this, I carry because I refuse to be a victim. Even in the eyes of defeat ill plant my feet and draw my gun. There is to many angry, bitter, just a scowl away from snapping jerk offs out there who refuse to get help until its to late. I wish I didn't see the world as a dark place but it is, and we only get worse by the generation. I know my generation should NOT be parents! ( I'm 29 ) we've simply been through too much. I don't know 1 woman who HASN'T been some sort of victim to a sexual assault. NOT 1!

    I wish I was blind to it all. To go through life without a care in the world. Unfortunately every time I left the house unarmed anxiety would strike me constantly. At least I know I can choose how I go down should it ever come to that. So why do you carry? Are you crazy like me?! ^_^ ironically even though I'm a gun nut I'm completely anti violence.

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    You need to call the suicide hotline!!!!!!!!

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    Sound to me ( as one who knows ) that you do have a serious anxiety issues and should see someone... If you
    freak out leaving the house because you are unarmed... That is a meds quality anxiety...

  5. Haha mil, so mean. Consider any future threads = trolled!

  6. There are 1 billion bad things that can happen to you. Having to use your gun for protection is near the bottom of things to be worried about.

    Even when the SHTF it is unlikely you will ever fire your weapon. I've battled social anxiety disorder for a long time. I'm completely over it now but I think your paranoia could be helped.

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    Cotillion where do you live? I have no problem walking around unarmed. At times I am more concerned about mountain lions coming into town than crime. My home town just experienced it's second homicide in the 4 years I have lived here. The sexual assault rate must also be much lower. I can't think of anyone I know having been sexually assaulted. How much of your social anxiety comes from your environment?

  8. Ugh I think I explained things all wrong. I don't get sweaty, breathing into a bag, tunnel vision shakey type of anxiety. I just feel unprepared and a lot less comfortable without being armed. I would have to say any civilian who carries a weapon for self defense has the exact same thought process I do. I believe in the possibility of something happening at any given time. At a school, mall, even a hair salon! I'd like to thank everyone for being caring, but I think I voiced it improperly. I do see a therapist as I think a lot of people should, stress is everywhere, however I don't think taking medication because people keep shooting up public places and I prefer to be prepared for it is neccesary. So ill ask again why does anyone else carry?

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    I started carrying because I started to have feelings for firearms. Was about six years ago when I was looking at a Ruger catalog and noticed I was, well, getting strangely aroused. Oh yeah, the sight of gleaming metal coated with a supreme protectant that had the power to destroy, the power to save life. Oh baby, give me a gun to fondle and the day will move quickly and joyously into the past leaving me feeling a certain glow! I don't dare go anywhere without my 'partner'. ;-)

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  10. Haha I've found myself with an obsession too! I'm not sure if I'd say I get aroused but something close enough to it haha! I was recently wondering how I could obtain my next firearm without breaking the bank and then I noticed buds has a 90 day layaway plan! Perfect for my Christmas present to myself!

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    I just believe in being prepared. I had open heart surgery several years ago, so I believe that every day is a gift. I'm as prepared as I can be, but no one can be prepared for every possibility. There are many dark things and places in the world, but it is still a beautiful place, filled with good people. Put your focus on that.
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