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Thread: Lets approach this from another angle

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    Had to show once. The guy backed off.

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    CC about five plus years. Drawn to a ready position once on a dog while mowing about 2 yrs ago. It got away from the owner on the sidewalk and ran toward me in an unfriendly way to say the least. Lucky I was facing towards it to see it, although it stopped and held ground for a few seconds then ran back to the owner as he was yelling at the dog to come back and for me not to shoot it!

    I called 911 to report the incident as I did not want anyone to make a good ol' fashion "man with a gun" call. 1st one to call is the 'right' one ya know... They came out and took a statement, that was that. The guy lives up the block and gives me a 'look' when I drive by even today.
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    I've been carrying for 38 years. I've had to draw once, never had to fire.
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    I've been carrying for 17 yrs. Never had to draw or indicate in any way that I was prepared to.

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    Two years OC, never drawn.

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    I have carried off and on for 25 years. Once I put my hand in my pocket and the guy backed off. One time when I wished I was carrying, I could have used the help. I was working and was not allowed at the time. Told my boss that type of incident would not happen again. I now have a different job.

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