Lets approach this from another angle
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Thread: Lets approach this from another angle

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    Lets approach this from another angle

    How many of you have never had to draw your weapon and how long have you been carrying and are you open or CC. I think the opportunities to use your weapon for self defense are few and far between but the stories about people having the ability and opportunity to defend themselves are good to read. The best ones are when no shots are fired.

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    I've been conceal carrying for 32 years. I have had to show once and draw once. Never fired.

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    Sounds like you are looking for anti gun reasons for carrying...

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    CCing for 12 years. Drawn 3 times but never displayed - twice in road rage incidents and once upon being approached in an empty parking lot late at night while I was getting in my truck. In the end nothing happened in any of the cases and none of the potential threats ever saw my gun.
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  7. CC for less than a year, OC very occasionally over the course of 10 years before that.

    Drew on my own property once to noise in my back yard - turned out to be coyotes.

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    It took me a decade to start to carry after I came to live here. You know...I just didn't see the need. I CC because it is hard to follow which county allows CC and OC here. I just couldn't be bothered changing everytime without ruining my girlie looks so I practice drawing from cc until I got the hang of it. I had drawn my weapon once or twice only to find out it was my dog going up and down the stairs...uh...he's still alive and eating me out of my house. LOL
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    I've been Carrying Concealed for roughly 20 years now. In that whole time, I've never Cleared the Leather. I'm very thankful it has never got to that point.

    Only once,I had to put my hand on the Grip,as an Very grazed guy was yelling,and screaming while headed straight at me,and my son.

    while putting grogeries in the bed of my truck. As I stepped back,and put my hand in the ready position.He froze, and as quick as he approached,He turned 180 Exiting in opposite direction.

    End of that situation. That was 9 years ago all quite since then,and extremly grateful

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    Ready to but hope, pray never have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCD1974 View Post
    Sounds like you are looking for anti gun reasons for carrying...
    Actually I support open carry because I believe it is our right and that it deters an issue before it even arises. Unfortunately it is not acceptable here.

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