Coming back to the States, where to end up?
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Thread: Coming back to the States, where to end up?

  1. Coming back to the States, where to end up?

    If this is misplaced, feel free to move it to where it belongs. I am coming back to the states after some time overseas. While I used to live in San Francisco, I know for sure I do not want back there, not just because of the gun laws, but for the general feeling as well. I find the bay area to be..rude, dirty and filled with hobos.

    I have a few general ideas as to where I could see myself living, but then I want to check in with people actually living there in order to hear how it actually is.I have discovered that how things look on paper might be quite different from real world practice. As a future student I would like to have both decent laws as well as a good college environment. I would like for the metro city area to be clean, and have good public transportation. Where do the elite recommend I land?

    1.Boston, MA?
    From what I have been able to read, it has great public transportation and a lot cheaper then what I am used to from SF. It seems to be college town?! How is it to get a permit over there?

    2.Salt Lake City, UT?
    Not sure how the public transportation system is, but it seems like you can carry in public college? What are the requirements to get a permit?

    3.Chicago, IL?
    A city I only know from tv but I have heard it has good public transportation system? How is the gun laws?

    4.Baltimore, MD?
    A city I know...nothing about, but its on the east coast and seems as a central option if its not possible to land else where.

    5.Detroit, MI?
    Another East coast option, just to get some options.

    I like a clean, friendly city, something completely different from Oakland.
    While I personally like Utah, I think I would prefer a East coast option, simply because flying back and forth to Europe would be around 6 hours less then from the West side..

    Any advice and or friendly opinions, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Athens, Georgia has everything you are looking for except for the public transportation issue. It is not the best to get around town, but for the downtown and university area it is very good. The town is great for working and living in, good night life and very good restaurants. Also Georgia has some of the best gun laws in the U.S. It is a very friendly city.

    I moved here from Oregon 4 years ago and I am glad I did. It was hard getting used to people saying hi to you as you walked down the street as I thought they were talking to someone else. Look at the climate data for Athens or northern Georgia, different than southern Georgia.

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    The gun laws in Mass are not that good. Many pistol are outlawed and forget about an owning an AR.

    New Hampshire on the other hand has good gun laws and is commutable distance from Boston.

    Chicago is starting to allow firearms, just cant carry them (thats Ill.). No OC and no CC.

    Michigan has good gun laws (not as great as some but not like Ill. Or N.Y.). For a CCW lincese you need to take a 8 hr course and is also open carry state. The down side of Michigan as a whole is that the unemployment is high. Somewhere in the mid to low teens the last time I've heard.

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    Where do "the elite" recommend you land? Wow, what a question. Do you only take advice from the elite? And by what standards do you measure someone's "elite"-ness?

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    Charlotte, NC! Very clean city. Not too big but plenty to do in the metro area. Just minutes from "country" life too. NC gun laws are very good. Restrictions on places allowed to carry but it's getting better every year. I love it here!

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    I would consider Lansing MI much better for you than Detroit, but as stated unemployment here is at least 15%.
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    Have you ever visited Fort Worth Texas? A super nice, mid size city that is clean, friendly and has several options for school. TCU, UT Dallas and University of North Texas to name just a few. Texas is as gun friendly as it can be. No open carry but obtaining a concealed license only takes a month or so after the standard course is completed. Very close to Dallas and a large airport of direct flights to Europe is convienint as well.

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    I agree with Grapevinebill. Ft. Worth, Tx would be a great place to live IF you're looking for a larger town/city to live in. Small town atmosphere with large city ammenities.

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    I agree with Texas! and a little on Georgia outskirts (not inner city though...) and KEEP THE HELL AWAY from Illinois!!! They do not have much in the way of guns over that way, none at all would be the correct phrase here. North Carolina will be good too. If I am in your shoes, Texas and NC, in that order.
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    If thats the only choices you have to pick from, I would pick Boston Ma.
    I would also reccomend,
    Nashville, TN. It has all the requirements you are looking for,
    Transportation,Excellent Schools,Friendly Community,Nice weather,ample Jobs.
    Another area to consider would be Tampa,Florida I hear it also meets requirements you are looking for.
    If you prefer the cooler weather,Boulder,or Denver Colorado is also an nice area.
    That about it for me on suggestions for you. I wish you the best of luck on wherever you deciede to set up new home. keep us posted on your ventures.

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