Just had WAY too much FUN!!
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    Talking Just had WAY too much FUN!!

    A friend of mine that lives out in the country and is a popular shooting destination due to that just bought a new toy. He's also the friend that introduced me to concealed carry and made it seem possible to me (before that I had the desire but didn't really know that I could or how to go about it).

    Anyway his new toy is a "dueling tree" target; the kind with 3 metal targets on each side of the "tree" that switch to the other side when shot. The concept is you each shoot at one side of the tree and when you clear your side you "win." It was an AWFUL fun way to practice combining speed and accuracy; a lot more fun than just shooting at paper circles. If you have the luxury of practicing outdoors at your own property I would highly recomend one for when you shoot with friends. With rough math later on; I figured we were spending about $1/minute on ammo. It was worth it though.

    My friend wasn't doing as well at first; he had just picked up a 9mm barrell for his Glock that was originally a 40SW. He did that due to ammo cost primarily. He switched out barrel's and put in 9mm magazines for the first time before we started shooting and found out the hard way that he was shooting WAY left. I'm not saying anyting bad about Glock's here, it was likely the afermarket barrel that was the issue. He switched back for a bit after that and then went to get his 9mm Ruger. After he got used to shooting that again he was making me look pretty bad.

    After that experience I can say I like my Ruger SR9 even more. Going through more than 150 rounds in a short period of time didn't leave my wrist huring the slightest bit. I've never noticed recoil with that gun and as big as it is; it still conceals well in my crosbreed with my shirt tucked in.

    Seventeen round magazines made the competition a lot easier when it came to reloading. His Glock could take 31 rounds between 2 magazines and his chamber vs 35 with my Ruger; his 9mm Ruger would only take 21 total. He was shooting better but had to reload sooner which almost cost him a round or two when using his Ruger.

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    When I feel like wasting ammo i have a three arm resettable target thingy. It's fun. It's cheaper also than going to the shelter and getting cats...
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