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    sig and ambi safety

    i bought a sig sauer tactical 1911 without the rail and the following week i bought a sig 1911-22lr "mosquito" to acompany it and to have something cheaper in the same style to practice with. i called and talked to sig about an ambi safety for my tactical 1911 and they said they don't sell theirs to the public and that if i wanted one installed on mine it would cost 130 dollars and about two weeks of time without my pistol. i got to looking at both of the pistols together and just to see i switched the thumb safety on the tactical 1911 and the ambi-safety on the mosquito. it was a perfect drop in fit on the tactical 1911 and the mosquito. and i saved myself some money and me being a lefty its really awesome

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    Congratulations...not many lefties can find a perfect match like you did. I am happy for you.
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