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    Glock Trigger Breakin

    I have a question on the Glock's trigger. On most guns, the trigger gets better after a few hundred rounds (or dry fires) because it breaks in. However, as I understand it the Glock trigger is a different animal. Does it break in as well? I have considered going to a lighter disconnector but have learned to not work on a gun with less than 500 rounds through it as sometimes you get too much of a good thing (made this mistake on a GP100 once).

    This is a self-defense gun so I don't want a hair trigger.

    The pistol is a Gen 4 Glock 22. Bone stock everything. I have not dry fired it much since I just recently got some snap caps for it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What you are after, I think, is what is known as the $0.25 Trigger Job. Like most any pistol a Glock does smooth out as it breaks in with normal usage - the $0.25 trigger job just simulates that. All it really involves is some mild polishing.

    It is a fairly simple process if you are comfortable disassembling your Glock... and I'm sure a quick google will turn up a step-by-step guide or two.

    Enjoy your Glock!

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    All of my Glock pistols performed well right out of the box. I didn't notice any significant changes in the trigger over time.

    You can dry fire your Glock all you want without snap caps. They aren't necessary as no harm will be done to the pistol if you don't use them.
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    My understanding is that the trigger on the gen 4 is in the 8 pound range. If you have the skils or know of a armour in your area, you can have it dropped. As for wear, the trigger will lighten a little over time but, if I undrstand correctly, to a level you are looking for.
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