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  1. tv show help

    A couple weeks ago I saw a tv show on cable where this guy was going around in a deserted town/city in like an apocalyptic state giving survival tips and how to survive. Can't remember the channel or day it was on. Did anyone else watch and pay closer attention to what channel that was on?

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    If the town was deserted, who was he giving tips to?

    KK :<)

  4. Duh, people watching the show. It was informative.

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    I've seen it, too, but cannot remember the guy's name. It was probably on the Science channel or Nat Geo, which are about the only type channels I watch. If I think of it, I'll post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mncarrydude View Post
    Duh, people watching the show. It was informative.
    Oh dopey me! :<)

  7. Its on the outdoor channel. Comes on around the same time / day as swat tv if I do recall correctly.

    I saw the one where he turned nasty bug water into clean drinking stock as well as the this-is-how-you-snag-rodents episode. Good stuff!

  8. I don't know if same show. He used a rope and a crow bar and put some climbing loops in it to cross the river cuz the bridge was up. It's troubling.

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    I think you are talking about this show: Apocalypse Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Rudy Reyes.

    Filmed in Detroit of course.

  10. Gaucho, that is it!!!!! Thank you my man!!!!!

  11. May have been best defense on outdoor channel or versus. I think

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