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Thread: hello from the UK.

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    Is it a complete prohibition of firearms in U.K.? Can you hunt?

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    Welcome aboard from Oklahoma! Ex-Navy here.
    War to the Knife, Knife to the hilt.
    If we don't want to live in a trashy area, we all have to be willing to help pick up the trash.

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    Hello from the Bluegrass..( Kentucky)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr bod View Post
    Hi to one and all.
    My name is Alan and as you all can see I'm from the UK, to be spot on, I live in Wales ( no not in a whale, my name is Alan not Jonah ).
    Just a little about myself, 46yrs old, wife, 2kids, 1 dog, ex-army.
    I would just like to say the gun laws in the UK are sheite, I've used firearms for the past 30 years and when trained in the use etc, I think they do more good than harm.
    Rant over.
    I look forward to using this site.
    Many thanks for reading.
    All the best
    Alan B. ;)
    Welcome mate! (I'm not from Australia, but thought the nautical reference would be perfect!) Oh, your not Jonah... You A-L-A-N! Got it!
    Ranting allowed in certain areas!

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    Welcome to USACarry,

    Glad you have joined us.

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    Welcome from Michigan

  8. Alan,

    Welcome to the forum. It's quite unfortunate that your country does not have the same laws when it comes to concealed carry.

    I have one friend who use to live near the Warrington area. He immigrated to the United States and got his dual citizenship because of the firearm laws years back. He said it was quite an interesting conversation he had his interview with the INS agent, before it became ICE.

    Take care, and don't be a stranger!

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