hello from the UK.
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Thread: hello from the UK.

  1. hello from the UK.

    Hi to one and all.
    My name is Alan and as you all can see I'm from the UK, to be spot on, I live in Wales ( no not in a whale, my name is Alan not Jonah ).
    Just a little about myself, 46yrs old, wife, 2kids, 1 dog, ex-army.
    I would just like to say the gun laws in the UK are sheite, I've used firearms for the past 30 years and when trained in the use etc, I think they do more good than harm.
    Rant over.
    I look forward to using this site.
    Many thanks for reading.
    All the best
    Alan B. ;)

  3. Welcome Alan! I have colleagues in Melksham and Ibstock.
    As you can see (or read) we here across the pond are fighting (peacfully) to keep our guns and rights to own and use them.
    I can't imagine being without but it helps to see what has happened to others and to learn from that.
    I know I enjoy going out with my family and friends to shoot just about anytime we feel like it.


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    Welcome Alan, glad to have you.

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    I've been to the UK a number of times and always thought many areas are beautiful, tho it was a number of years ago now. My daughter who is teaching English in Germany states that parts of the UK can be fun to visit, but it is getting more and more dangerous there for obvious reasons.

    Thank you for the hello and may God bless you and yours.
    1)"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson.
    2)"Imagine how gun control might be stomped if GOA or SAF had the (compromising) NRA's 4 million members!" -Me. http://jpfo.org/filegen-n-z/nraletter.htm

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    Welcome from South Carolina.


  7. Hello Allen from Oklahoma in the USA, what is new with your firearm laws?

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    Welcome Alan from Texas, sorry you cannot defend yourself, always welcome in Texas.

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    Hello from California! I've so many times wished to visit your country and Scotland. But anymore, I'm not so keen on giving up all of my rights by stepping off US soil. Heck, its dangerous enough here! So is there some hope brewing there for gun rights, or are you perhaps contemplating a transplant over to the US? Either way, welcome.

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    Hello from Utah.

    Two questions for you.

    1. Have the riots had any effect on the attitude towards firearms or self defense?

    2. How many of your cohorts in the army had no interaction with firearms prior to joining and what effect do you think it had in regards to your capability as a unit?

    I should have my own firearms talk show.

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    One look at my avatar will tell you where my ancestors are from. How different would history be if the UK had started their gun control 250 yrs ago.....in the colonies!

    (Insert random tough-guy quote here)
    "See my gun?? Aren't you impressed?" - Anonymous sheepdog
    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

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