Stevens Model 311 Series H .410 dbl barrell
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Thread: Stevens Model 311 Series H .410 dbl barrell

  1. Question Stevens Model 311 Series H .410 dbl barrell

    My grandfather passed down the above model to me today. I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate of when it was made and the value. I will not be selling the gun, just curious because it is in very good condition. Serial number starts with a B. Thanks in advance for any information you guys may have.

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    Being a 410 fan your question rings my bell. I believe your gun MAY be worth alot, but I know a collector of 410 bore and I will see him on Thursday(11-03-2011). If I remember doubled barreled 410 bore shotguns are not only rare but expensive. I WILL ask my friend. Meantime enjoy your new toy. It is a keeper. Do Not let anybody say the 410 is worthless. A slug fired out of a 410 developes up to 800 ftlbs of energy, in otherwords more than a 357 mag. There is also 000 buckshot. A 410 does make a good self defence gun. I will get back to you, Thursday.

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  5. Thanks guys any idea of the date of manufacture?

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