Now this is over compensating
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Thread: Now this is over compensating

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    Now this is over compensating

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    Not available in 40S&W.

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    I find it funny that the first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture was something not gun related. (Hey! that is the cleanest way I can phrase this...<g>) Seriously, I like it, not because of its shape but because it will be fun to use in wilds Alaska.
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    Too much fun!

    After going thru one of those, the barrel is almost red hot!


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    LOL, yeah...that first mental image is a doosie! Looks neat, but I think we can throw concealability (and even holstering!) right out the window.

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    I've seen them used with the full-auto Glock 18. Makes more sense there.
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    Peace on Earth through superior firepower! (In consideration of the season.)

    It looks "cool", but (to paraphrase an often heard comment): Why bring a pistol to a rifle fight?

    Can you imagine trying to hold an extra five pounds in the air and on target for any length of time?

    Then, of course, the question arises: How many "just in case" reloads do you carry? (Magazine failure concerns.)

    Let's not forget "balance of the weapon"!

    I know mags are pricey, but THIS one, WOW!

    Ah hell, let's just write it off as impractical and let it go at that.

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