Springfield XD sub-compact .40cal
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Thread: Springfield XD sub-compact .40cal

  1. Springfield XD sub-compact .40cal

    Just picked up a Springfield XD sub-compact .40 Cal . I really like the size for concealed carry . I carry IWB Any thoughts on a good reasonably priced holster I prefer leather. Any thoughts on gun or holster suggestions appreciated. I currently carry a glock 23 .40 Cal and use a generic leather iwb. Thanks for your input

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    I carry my XD40 SC everyday in a CrossBreed SuperTuck. The XD40 SC is a great little gun. I have never had any issues with it. I put a LaserLyte rear site laser on it and I really like it. I think you will enjoy yours.
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  4. Thanks dead-center

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    I have the XD9 SC and love it. Every time I use it on the range people want to shoot it. It actually feels like you are holding a firearm instead of a noisy cricket like most other SC's. As far as holsters go It would depend on your lifestyle and preference of carry. I dress mostly casual all the time so it's pretty easy to get away with anything except the holster that comes with the XD gear which IMO is the worst on the market, but it's ok for the range or outdoors.

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    i too carry an XD-subcompact .40 in a crossbreed supertuck, i never even know im carrying it. i think it will make a great addition.

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    I carry the same weapon in the supertuck. Slender build (5'10"/165) and I can legitimately conceal wearing just a dark t-shirt. Ok, that and some pants. I love that holster and I've tried quite a few, just make sure to get a good sturdy belt to go with it.

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    +1 on the SuperTuck by Crossbreed. Here's a link: SuperTuck Deluxe | Crossbreed Holsters - Super Tuck Deluxe

    For me, I prefer the "combat cut". The first one I ordered I did not opt for it but ended up using a set of cutters and making the cut myself...
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  9. I have the max tuck from whitehatholsters.com. Its a lot like the supeetuck from crossbreed but the kydex is held on by screws intead of rivits. A new kydex for another gun is only $20 instead of $70 for a whole new holster. I swap the kydex for my M&P 40 and my LC9 pretty easily

  10. Thanks for all the info guys can always count on this community to answer any and all questions

  11. Great choice. I've got it in the bi-tone. Carry in the comp-tac minotaur. I have a cross breed for my PK380, but prefer the comp-tac.

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