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    Question firearm license

    I have a question when I am stop FOR traffic volation,FISHING LICENSE by police,DEA IN new york,PA,FL STATES am required to tell them?

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    speaking from S.C. only ask my l.e.o. friends they say only time they need to know is when they are searching but also ask if you are a cwp holder. Most times I hand 4 items, insurance card,registration,auto liceance,gun liceance soulves questions
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    Actually, speaking from SC, no matter what your LEO friends tell you they want, you are required to inform the LEO that you are armed during a traffic stop, if you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by latinoheat View Post
    new york,PA,FL STATES am required to tell them?
    PA - NO. NY - NO. FL - NO.
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  6. FL is a "No duty to inform" state as far as CCW is concerned.
    If they ask you if you have a firearm you must inform them you have a CCW permit and are legally armed. I would suggest that if they ask you a "Do you have anything I should be aware of" type question you should also inform them about having a permit and legally armed.
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    Goodn link. Thanks.


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    You are required to advise the officer your hold a C.W.P. SC Law requires this.
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    Same-same in NC. Better you tell 'em and prevent any unpleasantries.

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