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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds View Post
    What is their context for this statement. Is it used for "don't rely on the safety, keep your finger off", or is it "it's best not to have one" because it only causes problems?
    The NRA Instructors Manual for "NRA First Steps Pistol" and "NRA Basic Pistol" states,

    "Safety - a mechanical device designed to reduce the chance of an unintentional discharge. Since a safety is a mechanical device that can fail, it must be used as a supplement to safe gun handling practices, never as a substitute.

    The manual specially underlines those words.

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    What is tragic about any terrible incident is that the elements line up for the tragedy. One, the shooter stealing the Glock. The Glock owner not securing the gun in his vehicle. The parents of the shooter for not educating their son on gun safety and more importantly teaching their son to be a law abiding citizen. The kids that were present that did not stop the shooter from playing with the gun, for not going to get help before the gun was discharged. Hindsight is 20/20. All we as individuals can do is educate those around us so that another tragedy be avoided. Nothing will bring his friend back or comfort the victim's friends and family. Yes, I believe the shooter should spend 15 years in prison. His utter disregard for safety cost the life of his friend. Everyone dropped the ball. - We offer the full line of GunVault Safes, safely store your hand guns!

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    I just hope the owner of the pistol gets it back after the trial!

    I don't know of a firearms manufacture that makes a pistol with a "if gets stolen safety". If doesn't matter if the gun had a manual safety or not, any gun in a idiots hand is always dangerous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds View Post
    Did I miss something? Where did the sales pitch happen?
    From the first OP. The guys tag line is for biometric safes.

    Default Tragic Story

    Store your handguns safely. A Casper (WY) 17 year old that plead guilty to invountary Manslaughter will spend 15 years in prison. Casper teen pleads guilty to manslaughter. Ruined lives that could have been avoided. - We offer the full line of GunVault Safes, safely store your hand guns!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grognard Gunny:242948
    Quote Originally Posted by Providence Ranch View Post
    The only reliable safety is constant attention to the four basic safety rules:

    1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded at all times.
    2. Off target...OFF TRIGGER!
    3. Know your target and what is in line with it.
    4. Never allow your muzzle to point at anything you are not willing to destroy.

    If you ignore these in favor of the more convenient (and apathetic) use of a manual safety, you will eventually suffer tragedy. If you employ both safety rules AND a manual safety, then you must ingrain the use of the manual safety into your "on target - on trigger (safety off); off target - off trigger (safety on)" exercises.
    Your adherence to the "four basic rules" is both laudable and a basic requirement. Most of us will agree and treat all weaponry thus.

    To assume that because some of us prefer to have a manual safety in addition and to imply that we would use that in lieu of the "Four basics" is non-sequetor and presumptuous. (.... and borderline disingenuous.)

    As for your redefined firing "drill".... I think you will find that most of us are fully capable of multi-tasking to the extent of incorporating the simple expedient of clicking off the "safety" while drawing to enguage. (To suggest otherwise is getting downright insulting.)

    Personally, I don't care what your personal level of "safety" consists of. Nor should it matter to you what mine are. This whole business of safety discussions is just an exchange of ideas/ideals/thoughts/lines of reasoning, you can take the suggestions/ideas or leave them. However, it WOULD be nice to have at least the relative comfort zone of assuming that safety is a high priority with ALL shooters. (I have found this not to be the case in all instances.) There's ALWAYS the 10%'ers.

    It would be MOST ignoble to die at the hands of an unsafe weapons carrier. Just sayin'.

    Wow, closed minded AND thin skinned! Didn't mean to offend, brother. Just taking part in the discussion, and offering my point of view that safety is 99% in your head. I thought this was a discussion. My bad if I thought wrong.

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    Sounds like instead of the taxpayers having to pay to house these two CRIMINALS in jail, they only have one to pay for 1 now. I have no sympathy for the CRIMINALS only the parents.

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    I have pity for teenage criminals that I do not have for adults. To let a life go to waste is just so sad, that goes for both the kid that died and the one that is in prison. I think a good part of my mentality comes from the fact that my oldest isn't too much younger than these too. And that teenagers can screw up their lives so bad scares the #@&! out of me.

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