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    If my wife walking down the hall in her curlers doesn't chase them off I don't know what good my Glock or 12Ga pump would do. Just kidding dear! Dear!
    Seriously, my security started with an evaluation of my home. Luckily, the heavy post and beam construction provides good cover and not just concealment. A weakness at the top of the stairs was reinforced with a bookcase. The larger and heavier books were placed where they would help the most. Running through scenarios helps me prepare mentally and helps me see the strengths and weaknesses of my home security.
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    At night HD: Maybe I am missing something but I have lived in my house now for 11 years and I know my house, the perp does not. Turn on a light of any kind and I am advertising myself--something I am not interested in doing. It is just my wife and I so I do not have to hunt around the house to make sure others are OK. I lock my bedroom door, put a good doorstopper under it, have my cell for 911, have my remote car key to activate the car alarm and lights, and have my 12g along with a location that provides me cover but lets me see that bedroom door. Someone is in house all of above happens. If they start taking "stuff" it is stuff that is insured and replaceable. I am not. They may be better at this and better armed than me and insured stuff vs my life is an easy decision for me. If they defeat the bedroom door lock and stopper they will not leave the way they came in and learn a bad lesson about Castle Doctrine. And by the way, I have an FN5.7x28 semi auto behind my bed for whatever.

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    Home defense? Our first responder is my Rottenweiler. He will give us enough time for one of us to go to the saferoom to call 911. Or if it during the day, and we are far away from any saferooms we have around the house, our home defense will be the one that I have with me and anything else extra I can grab along the way. Maybe grab Pepe Le Pew with his blue gun off his feet and dump him in the foyer??? LOL
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    Same here. My Rottweiler, Jovi, is the first line in home defense. She has no aggression in her, yet during the day she lets out one big "WOOF" if someone is at the door. At night she's not much good as she's in our bedroom with the door shut.

    There have been a few times that she's woke me up to tell me she heard something. We go and check out the whole house with her in the lead!

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    My first line of defense in my home are my two APBTs that hate to be disturbed by unwanted (BadGuy) visitors. Then if there is anything left of someone unfortunate enough to experience the business end of 155lbs of angry pitbulls, I can go to my XDM40 or S-12.


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    My home defense weapon is a full-size 1911 in .45ACP, with a Streamlight TLR-2 light/laser mounted on the rail. This gun is kept in a fingertip combination safe, in condition one, along with 3 loaded mags. I take this gun to the range once a month, where I practice with and without the light and laser.

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    People almost always shoot at the lights. 12Ga. Pump with Winchester PDX1 ammo. I had a switch installed in the bedroom that turns on all the lights in the house except the bedroom lights.
    I have a monitored alarm system and a Jack Russell Terrier.
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    Home Defense:
    1. Good luck getting through the rose bushes at the windows. Strategically placed led night lights throughout the house.
    2. Two small yapping dogs.
    3. Remy 12gauge - I have a flash light next to the bed... and a handgun in the safe.

    Incidentally, Don't carry the light... They always shoot the guy with the light first.

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    G26 with 17 rounds on hip at all times at home. Mossberg 500 and G26 hang on side of the bed beneath my arm. Surefire light on the night stand. Wife has G17 on her side, with cell phone and another light.

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