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I had a ND in April 2011 while stupidly field-stripping my XD-40 in my work truck.

Went into my palm, blew out the side of my hand, then went through my leg. Pics of my injuries are on my profile.

What drives me crazy is that I did exactly what I had cautioned my wife about. Didn't drop the mag. No excuses. I just screwed up royally. Could have killed myself. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Went to the police station to pick up the gun, told a cop about it while we were on the elevator togather. He smiled, said "Well, I bet you don't ever do it again".

He's right. I should be teaching a gun safety class now.

Guns have no mercy, no remorse. You have a ND/AD, sheer luck decides the consequences.

I've had a near total recovery. Slightly limited movement in my left pinkie, almost all the feeling has returned to my hand.

It will never happen to me again.
Never had an AD and pray I never will, at all times that I have a weapon I constantly remind myself of safety, one single moment of inattention can lead to injury or death. Glad you are ok.