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Thread: What do you want for Christmas? Dear Santa I want a---------------

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    Dear Santa I want a 1911 in .45 and money for filing divorce papers.
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    I'm Sorry about your Brother That itself has to be Extremely hard to deal with.

    My 2 sons, and I went to St. Jude my son raised money for the Children, for his Eagle Scout Badge.

    Those Children were wonderful to meet, and they never Complained about one single thing.

    I left St.Jude Crying like a baby. You cant imagine how truly brave those kids are.

    It gave me a brand new outlook on life.

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    Dear Santa,

    I will add my wishes for those kids at St. Jude.

    As for myself.....I would be quite happy to accept that little CMMG SASS .308 which keeps trying to follow me home........

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    I don't think I want anymore guns so I will ask Santa to give me a Nikon D3S with 24fps HD video and low noise 12,800 ISO...for Christmas. And oh, don't forget the prime lenses that will come with it later -- they don't just come trickling along, ya'know...
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  6. Dear Santa

    Anything that goes boom, bang, or vroom will be just fine. With some time off of work so I can enjoy it.

    Little timmy

    Ps. We oiled up the exhaust flue so you don't get stuck like last year. Surely that's worth a lee loadmaster :D

  7. it would be nice to have a Bushmaster .308

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    My wife asked me what I wanted Santa to bring me this Christmas. I told her that I have all the guns and ammo I want so Santa can pass me up this year. She said, you mean there's nothing you want for Christmas? I said oh yea, just not something that Santa could bring. She asked what it was that I wanted, so I told her. Can't wait to see how she's gonna wrap it!!!
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    Adding my request for all the children + for my self: a fn five-seven, a fn ps90 (sbr +suppressed).

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    Staying with gun related items that I would like to have, any one of theses will do:
    Bushmater AR-15 or DPMS AR-15 in 5.56/.223
    Kel-Tec PLR-16
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