What do you want for Christmas? Dear Santa I want a---------------
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Thread: What do you want for Christmas? Dear Santa I want a---------------

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    Smile What do you want for Christmas? Dear Santa I want a---------------

    Well boys and girls its almost Christmas again. Times are tough even at the North Pole, but if you post here what you want and let your 'signifigant other' see your 'Dear Santa post' you still might get that new gift(gun). Such strategy also involves saying and doing nice things(sucking up)for our 'signifigant others' and constantly dropping subtle numeric hints such as 357, 45, 22, ect or talking in our sleep(be careful dont say I love Henry unless your husband is named Henry). So have you been naughty or nice? Oh and Santa wants a 30-30 Henry lever action. What do you want?

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    I want a change to New Jersey guns laws, so that owning a suppressor is LEGAL, while owning a machine gun isn't. :) Barring that, I'll settle for 30-day pistol permit turnarounds and on-request CCW...

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    I've been good and worked my butt off this year.

    I would like a new Bushmaster .308, and a SA .45 sub compact for the stocking :-)

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    My x-mas wish list:, for the entire country to honor and respect the constitution, for every state in the union to give the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS the rights they where born with, and a nation wide reciprocity and If It's not to much trouble?, I would also like a new AR15, thanks.

    p.s., I have been very good all year long

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    I would like resignations from the group having a field day with our rights and especially from the young man regularly usurping the power of congress.


    PS...I would also like a Kimber Ultra Pro Raptor in Stainless.

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    I'm hoping santa checked his list twice for my name not asking for much just a new Glock G-34 for match shooting and a Fhn bolt action 308 W/scope zeroed at 750 yards

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    Just got my birthday/xmas present. An FNH FN Five-Seven. A sweeter semi auto I have not seen.

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    I want the same things they (all the above) want. Or, can I at least get a good carry belt?

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    I would like to answer all the Prayers, and wishes of all the Children in St. Judes Cancer Hospitol.
    I would give my last dollar, to help those Children get the things they wished for.
    God Bless all those Children.

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    Smith&Wesson 500 Magnum Revolver and a health for the family.

    Ya know I'd trade it all for the family thing!

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