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Thread: Wives say the sweetest things

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    If my future wife bought me a Springfield m1 garand. I would buy her a diamond that costs the same.

    Unless she wanted a gun then I would get her one of those.

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    My wife hated guns didn't want them around so now shes my ex-wife!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    picks up all the used brass,

    We had a kid so we wouldn't have to pick up the brass ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneFence View Post
    We had a kid so we wouldn't have to pick up the brass ;-)
    We have "two" kids that help whenever they go to the range with us. But, most of the time they are interested in other things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds View Post
    On the way back from the range tonight my wife and I were just chatting as we drive along. I told her that when we get back I will need to clean the three guns we shot tonight and she pauses and says...

    "Ooh.. I guess I will have to learn to do that."

    Man I love that woman.

    It's weird, she shoots better at 30 feet than she does at 15 feet and I have no idea why.
    Quick! Before she changes her mind. I think if my wife ever asked to help clean the guns after a range visit, it would be a good way for her to collect the insurance on me. :-)

    The 15 vs 30 feet... does she wear glasses and if not has she had her eyes checked recently? Far-sightedness? Distant target is clearer than closer target?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by eXGee11 View Post
    My wife was very excited to clean her new pistol... until it came time to actually do it. She observed but wouldn't touch, something about the smell of hoppes and remoil. Heh.
    Oh my goodness, gun oil, gun powder, and leather are about the sexiest smells in the world! Can I say that here? My husband and I shoot together and we clean our guns together. He's taking me to a tactical night shooting class next month as a Valentine's Day present. I love that man.

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    My wife never held a gun until we married. Her family wasn't anti gun just didn't have them. She was very worried at first about me carrying. She's used to it know, looked at me the other day and told me she wanted to learn to skeet shoot. My heart melted, looking for a nice 20 gauge now :D

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