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  1. Quote Originally Posted by titaniumman:243656
    If you exposed your weapon, while "they were VERY close", and then waited to PEEK back after ten steps. What was stopping them from lunging at you and taking your gun? What is with this site lately? OH now Iknow...It was just a full moon...Lots of loonies out and about. I think I will start carrying ALL OF MY PISTOLS, AND MY 870 just in case. They all fit nicely under my trench coat.
    I didn't want to expose it and look back right away as it might have been taken as a threat. They were still at a distance where they would have made some noise to rush me right before I exposed it, but yes it was a close call. I'm not sure and ill never know their intent, it could have been wanting to rob me, just simply rough someone up or maybe just to scope my house. Thanks everyone for the positive posts, I'm glad there's like minded people to share our stories with. It's amazing sometimes how things fall into place, like it just so happened I wasn't carrying it in my pocket. I'm going shopping soon to try and find a nice small iwb holster.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by HueMan:243673
    I'm thinking if you don't carry with one in the chamber you might as well have a brick. Seven paces is about 21ft, takes 1.5 seconds to cover that distance. Can you retrieve, chamber a round and fire a shot accurately if needed in less than 1.5 seconds? I didn't think so...

    I completely agree. That was running through my head at the time also. As long as you have a quality holster covering the trigger there's no reason to not have a round chambered. Thankfully I learned my lesson without incident

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    It worked out the best for and thats what's the most important. In the future I would call the police when you first perceive the threat. That way the police can be on the way just in case you draw and fire your gun. I agree with the theory that you cant depend on the police so you must responsibly take your defense in you own hands.
    I had to draw my firearm one day after someone confronted me in the parking lot of a movie theater. They claimed I cut them off in a parking lot, or something. A case of road, or parking lot rage in this case. I had my wife and kids with me. I presented my gun in a modified ready position. It was pressed closely to my chest with the barrel pointed down. I positioned myself between the threat and my family. I saw them get out of the car and make a direct trot my way. I had an idea what was coming. I'm also a police officer so I had my badge in the other hand. As soon as they saw my gun and badge it changed their attitude immediately.
    The point I make is that you handled the situation right because it had a positive outcome. In the future I would draw it completely, and have it ready in case you need to use, not just flash it. If you feel threatened enough to flash it then draw it.
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    Great job! You kept your cool and handled four potential felons by a peek-a-boo of your gun. No other civilians were scared and sent running to panic LEOs on 911. Also, you learned several things from the incident and will do it better next time. All-in-all, a gold star!

    I personally have a problem not facing my attackers. I would have also tried to outwalk/outdistance them, but after it was obvious that they were going to close and an attack was imminent, I would have tried 911, if time permitted, warning the operator I was armed. Time not permitting, I have had luck with drawing my firearm but not pointing it (it is single action, so carried Condition 1), holding it behind my thigh with arm dropped naturally, and facing my attackers. I usually use a phrase something to the effect of, "I consider what you're doing assault. If you continue to approach, I'll be forced to defend myself, possibly with deadly force. Turn around and go." I have a disability that does not allow me to flee, so I cannot choose flight in the typical fight-or-flight scenario, seriously limiting my options. In five similar scenarios, all of them have chosen not to die and have left the scene, and me, unharmed. One guy started to approach out of a group of three once and I raised my gun and said, "A volunteer to die first" as I flicked the safety off and went to the trigger. He stopped and they all decided against attacking.

    Showing the gun is always a good deterrent in this type of situation and you should have a good plan, including 911 if you have time. Also, anyone should avoid the Hollywood movie cliche lines when facing criminals - they sound absolutely stupid when repeated by witnesses to police, reporters to the public, prosecutors to judges, and detectives to the State Attorney General. A Bluetooth headset can allow you to make a call to 911 without touching your phone or alerting the BGs, also leaving both hands free. Bluetooth headsets used to be expensive, but I have seen some on sale for $29 and almost every cell phone is Bluetooth-capable now. Cotillion covered holsters and chambered rounds, just make sure you're comfortable with both. Holsters can be comfortable, just keep trying different ones until you find one you can wear all day! Or try a company like Stoner Holster that makes holsters from several different companies and also creates custom rigs.

    Seriously happy we didn't have two more victims! :D
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    Most such encounters are handled poorly due to lack of forethought and mental preparation. The ones that end well are due more to luck than anything else. I'm certainly glad you and the Mrs fared well and hopefully this incident has made you realize how poorly prepared to handle it you actually were.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    First off...."We had some good loving after dinner!" CONGRATS!!!! and quit bragging LOL....I'm very happy it worked out well for you on all accounts. Getting home safe is the key! I think you did the correct thing. As with all stories, sitting in front of the computer reviewing your story, it's easy to come up with formulated plans and other ways to handle it, when 4 "thugs" are following you and your wife all your thinking about is how to escape safely, which you accomplished....Nice work!

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    I'm thinking maybe start carrying a wallet as well as a holster.... or maybe just less cash. This situation worked out this time but there were several things you could have done to prevent the situation.
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    I'm glad all ended well for you, For me?, I wouldnt have exposed my firearm with 4 men behind me, not knowing excatly where they where?

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    Fortunately the OP had some time to think through a considered plan of action. I'm told it usually doesn't work out that way, response time-wise.

    Another fortunate aspect, the OP has seen some ways in which he could have been better prepared for the "incident". (Like having a round "in the tube".)

    All in all, another survivor story rather than a victim story. ALWAYS a "plus".

    Still, and I believe "localgirl" first mentioned this on another thread: In these "incidents" the surprise element is on you.... the BG(s) have already made their "plan"/"move". As such, it is best to have an immediate action drill trained into your psyche and, if time warrents or allows, a response taylored to the exact situation as it develops, as in the case of our OP.

    Good job. Glad you remain safe.

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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Jarman:243705
    I'm glad all ended well for you, For me?, I wouldnt have exposed my firearm with 4 men behind me, not knowing excatly where they where?
    I knew they were not close enough to simply grab, and a lunge would most likely have alerted me noise and or motion wise. Your senses are pretty high during these types of scenarios. Obviously there are errors in what I did and like what was previously stated I'm very lucky I had time to think and react as normally these things happen suddenly. The more I think about it I'm pretty sure they were waiting for either us to turn onto my street with less traffic or to scope my house. Either way I'm really lucky a peek of my gun told them I'm not going to roll over, which is what BGs prey off of, but hopefully this experience will help not only me but people reading it in not slacking off and get comfortable. It's very easy to run to the store or the gas station and leave your gun at home, or ln my case not chambered and have it be that 1 time you actually need it.

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