Gun Statistics You Rarely See
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    Gun Statistics You Rarely See

    A very well written article on guns being used in self defense, or preventing a second crime, and not being reported that way.

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    Thanks for the link. It's gratifying to see common sense from a newspaper in California.
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    good article. thanks for the post.
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    Yea--what a great article
    Thanks ronwill

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    Quote Originally Posted by murph50 View Post
    Yea--what a great article
    Thanks ronwill
    +1 This was a great article and I wished I could read this stuff everyday.
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    You don't see this type of story much because it does not help advance the agenda of those that want to disarm us. It is always to see an exception to the rule.

    But as I said, the homeowner – for security reasons, he declined to be interviewed or identified by name – didn't shoot. Instead, he shouted at the suspect to stop, at which point the guy ran out of the house. Shortly thereafter he was caught and arrested by the police.

    As a side note I am glade they caught the BG because in letting him go there is a chance that someone else will become another of his victoms later. Lets just say that is the down side of not taking the shot.
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    Good article and thanks for the link. California is such a confusing place. Its a liberal, socialist, nut house, but the home of Ronald Reagan and with a conservative (sort of) governor.

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    Very nice article thanks for posting it.

    Still, this much is clear. When faced with a violent criminal in his house in the middle of the night, it would be hard to argue that that homeowner in Irvine would have been better off without a gun.
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    What more needs to be said.

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    WOW... That was refreshing! More people need to realize this type of info.

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