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Thread: Could the 2nd Amendment be abolished?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gvaldeg1 View Post
    It's not like likely that the next SCOTUS appointment will be under Obama unless we fail to vote him out. The oldest Justice is Ruth Bader Ginsgurg age 78. She's survived two bouts with pancreatic cancer and has vowed to go a few more years. Justice Stephen Breyer, who is the peremmial swing vote has been urged to retire but has shown no indication of doing so. Often, he sides with the conservatves. Let's just hope that nobody retires until we vote Obama out.
    I always believe that even the members of the SCOTUS should have term limits.
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    Lots of repliers quote the law, the constitution's words, the bill of rights words etal. The problem is that the current king in the whitehouse DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE WORDS OR THE LAWS. He circumvents with his czars, with timely executive orders etc etc and is continually doing whatever he wants regardless of the law. He has even been quoted as saying or alluding to the his way of thinking that congress and the supreme court are irrelevant. This man is as close to being a dictator as this country has ever seen and he is not a benevolent dictator he is a sleazy, chicago socialist/communist surrounded by henchmen who want to destroy the system and rebuild it in their image (only FDR and Lincoln came somewhat close--but that was wartime). So don't hang your hat on our laws as reasons nothing can happen. They can and they have all around the world as little piles of excrement think they do not smell and are a gift to their country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    These famous words come to my head:

    "Ill give you my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands"
    Exactly... the U.S. gov't can abolish the ****** out of the 2nd Amend. if they want, but they'll get my guns while standing over my dead body pulling my rifle from my cold dead hands.
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