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Thread: Smith & Wesson M&P 40 cal. vs 9mm.

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    The list of rental guns in the previous reply is a good selection. If the budget allows I would shoot several different makes/caliber combinations and see how they feel. Good luck and have fun! BTW, I have a small statured sister who now shoots a Glock 23, I had her shoot mine without her knowing the caliber before she shot it, she was amazed at how well she was able to shoot it. She said she thought it was a 9mm! Sometimes it is the preconception of thinking the caliber is too powerful that causes flinching or an unwillingness to try it. Both 9/40 are good carry rounds.

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    I searched a little online, but could not come up with anything. Does s&w sell the m&p line with a threaded barrel? or do you have to buy an aftermarket barrel?

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