Smith & Wesson M&P 40 cal. vs 9mm.
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Thread: Smith & Wesson M&P 40 cal. vs 9mm.

  1. Cool Smith & Wesson M&P 40 cal. vs 9mm.

    My wife & myself are in the market for a couple of smith & Wesson M&P 40cal. or 9mm. However she would like to shoot the 40cal. before we purchase. Does anyone know of a gun store or indoor range that will allow you to shoot a weapon before you purchase (even if it is not the new weapon out of showcase)maybe if they offer a rental for like 10-20 rounds if that. She is concerned of the recoil of the 40cal. over the 9mm. just a little F.Y.I. we live near Orange Park, Fl

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    If you were down here, yes. The gun shop on Key Largo has a range and has/had both guns for rent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    If you were down here, yes. The gun shop on Key Largo has a range and has/had both guns for rent.
    It's not like any place in Fla. is all that far from any other place in Fla.
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    I own both and yes there is a considerable difference. Wish I could help you on a location,but I'm in KY. Just for the cost of ammo,Id for the 9,but if she's up for the challenge get the 40

  6. Hi Jason, Tom here.

    I would not recommend either, go with a .45. The felt recoil on a .45 is the same or less than the .40 and the .45 has more stopping power. A 9mm will have a lot less felt recoil but the stopping power is no where near a .45.

    So really, the choice is between the .45 and the 9mm. I'd go with the .45.

    I can hook you up and I beat any price out there, visit Ten Ring Guns.

  7. Good question. My wife and I own both 40 and 9s in Smith & Wesson M&Ps. Full Size and Compacts. There is a signifcant recoil difference even in our practice ammo. We shoot 1 or 2 times a month with Wichester white box 115 gr fmj in the 9s and 165 gr fmj in the 40s. On the full size it is a lot more manageable but on the compacts (that my wife carries daily) the 40 is almost to the level of being uncomfortable. Twice a year we rotate our carrying and house saftey loaded magazines with Wincheaster 40cal 180 gr jhps and 147 gr jhps for the 9s by shooting the rounds in our carry and house loaded magazines. I dont even consider carrying the compact 40 concealed with hot loads the recoil is very heavy. My wife shoots the 40s rarley becouse she isn't comfortable with them She is 5"5' and A little on the small size. She wouldn't let me put here weight here. Also we both carry with Crossbreed Super tucks. We love them for year round carry. If you are ever in Iowa you are more than welcome to come shoot with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    It's not like any place in Fla. is all that far from any other place in Fla.
    Say what? Where he is is about 5 hours drive from this gun shop. It takes a complete day's drive to get from Key West to Jacksonville. 9 hours per Google which is off by at least an hour. Or 14 + hours from there to Pensacola. Key West is 3 hours drive South of me. Corpus Christi to Denton TX is a shorter trip than KW to Jax. People don't realize how big Florida is till you have to drive it from end to end. 10 hours drive from here puts me at Savannah, Ga which is where we spend the night northbound. Ohio southbound to Florida at best gets us to to Saint Augustine for the night. Then the next day is spent driving in Florida all day.

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    I own the 9, full frame. That is my carry gun. I went with it over the .40 because my fiance couldn't take the recoil of the .40. Love this gun.

  10. I live in jacksonville fl and there is a place called Gun Gallery over here on the southside off of beach blvd. Im 90% sure they have both the pistols your shoot on there rental rack right now. Just google them and you can find there website and it gives you all the range cost plus a list of rental guns currently available. God bless.

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    Gun Gallery Jax || Serving the Jacksonville area since 1993 has rentals.

    Current list of rental guns are:
    Browning Buckmark*
    H&K P30*
    H&K HK45*
    H&K P2000 sk
    Beretta 92FS*
    Beretta PX4 40 subcompact
    Beretta 84
    Nighthawk Custom GRP ($20)
    Springfield Armory TRP
    Glock 21*
    Glock 22 Gen4
    Glock 23 Gen4
    Glock 27
    Glock 19 Gen4
    Glock 26
    S&W M&P 9 compact
    S&W M&P 40 with optional Crimson Trace Lasergrips
    S&W M&P 45*
    Springfield Armory XDM 9 subcompact
    Springfield Armory XDM 9 5.25"
    Springfield Armory XDM 40
    Springfield Armory XDM 45
    Ruger SR9 compact
    Ruger LCR 38spl with Crimson Trace Lasergrips
    4" Ruger Redhawk .44mag
    S&W 642 with Crimson Trace laser grips
    S&W 686+ 3"
    S&W Governor .410/.45LC/.45acp
    3" S&W 686+
    FNH 45 Tactical with Dr. Optic*
    FNH USG FiveSeven
    FNH PS90 with Aimpoint H-1 Micro ($20)
    S&W M&P15-22 with red dot sight*

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