Self defense shooting in Missouri 2009?
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Thread: Self defense shooting in Missouri 2009?

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    Self defense shooting in Missouri 2009?

    I'm hoping someone here can help me find a thread on this site (I think) about a gentleman who was socializing with friends in front of or near his work place after hours with 4-5 of his friends. Sum & substance they were accosted by a perp who forced them back into the building (2nd floor i think). after being proned out & searched by the perp the victim (a lawyer i think?) managed to draw his weapon and engaged in a gunfight with the perp, wounding him in the hand, after which the perp fled and was arrested by the police shortly afterwards (I think they followed the blood trail to his house/apartment nearby).

    The victim tells the whole story from start to finish with pix of the perp and location. Its a great incident for instructive purposes, and I plan to share it with some friends of mine.

    The victim showed amazing situational awarness and courage, and despite grievious and debilitating gunshot wounds to both hands, he continued to fight and drove off the perp. This probably saved him & his 3 or 4 friends. He did everything correctly from start to finish. Its an amazing story and i would like to share it with my friends. I am a retired NYC MOS and this man could be my partner any day. I hope he is making (or has made a complete recovery) from his injuries.

    I followed a thread from the AR-15 web site to the story, I think it was here. I bookmarked a page of the thread but it brought me to USA concealed carry. Thanks in advance.

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    I live in MO and have heard this story, but never came up with anything. I have heard a couple versions. I am thinking it is one of those tall tales. Perhaps not.

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    The story was here, I read it here...I just can't find it now as I am about to start waking up everyone to do their tasks before the rest of my hubby's clan comes knocking at our door looking for food....not today nor tomorrow.
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    ccw shooting

    Thanks i appreciate it. It is an amazing story. We switch off the holidays. Today we get to be the locusts. Christmas we host the horde of relatives. But i dont care. My son just got back from his second deployment to Afghanistan.

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