Used S&W 40 cal looking for clips any ideals
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Thread: Used S&W 40 cal looking for clips any ideals

  1. Used S&W 40 cal looking for clips any ideals

    Just got a used S&W 4013 very nice shooter. Love the gun only came with one clip any one know where I could get some more clips for this gun???

  3. My advice is stop looking for clips for that gun they do not exist. Try looking for magazines, should have a bit better luck.

  4. wow...that was a bit rude

    That seemed a little coarse.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by saintjerome View Post
    That seemed a little coarse.
    Well sorry you feel that way.

    Even tho what I said is 100 percent accurate I may have answered a little roughly because I was a a bit wound up because of another post.

    So OP here is the politically correct answer. You already asked on here you could try other forums and if anyone has some for sale Im sure they will PM you. Also check your local gun dealers they should have some or be able to order for you. And last you can try Gun Auctions & Guns For Sale at I have found so many great deals there and they are almost guaranteed to have what you need.

    Good luck finding what you need.

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    Try also.


  7. Try

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    There's always gunbrokers! Haven for obscure MAGAZINES you never thought still existed!

    I'm always torn between getting "extra mags" now and storing them between range trips or waiting until one of the existing ones fail and hope they are still available for replacement when the time comes.

    Decisions! Decisions! (LOL!)

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    Check some of your local gunshops. We have one here that has a box of them from PD trade-ins. They are factory stainless ones. I think they are asking about $20.00 for them.
    Why are you worried about holding up the targets for me? It' s a 9mm!

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