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  1. Media cover up?

    It is now December, Concealed carry has been the law of the land for a month now. Tens of thousands of Wisconsin residents have already recieved there concealed carry licenses and thousands more NON-residents have been able to cary since the first day the law took effect with an out of state permit that Wisconsin recognizes.

    Oppenents of this law promissed "blood flowing in the streets", every fender bender traffic accident would turn into an "uncontrolable mass shooting rampage", and crazy "Cowboys" would turn vigilanty turning Wisconsin into the "Wild Wild West". They also claimmed that Police officers would be in danger aswell as the average citizens would be too scared to leave the house with all those "Gun-Nuts" Running around.

    Every day I turn on the news cringing, sure to see these tragic stories played out and too hear gun control advocates say "I told you this would happen".

    Why do these news stations refuse to show the carnage that is happening in our streets? It is happening this I know because the Brady bunch told me so. So where is the coverage? In the thirty days im sure there were hundreds if not thousands of traffic accedints across the state, yet the media chooses to cover up all the "uncontrollable mass shooting rampages" that surely have followed. Also in the last thirty days Police officers have responded to tens of thousands of emergency calls, yet the media covers up the bullet magnet profession that police work must have turned into since the law took effect.Heck they didn't even cover all the stores that must have been completely empty this black Friday because all the people who were to afraid to leave there houses now that people can carry concealed weapons.

    Of course there is another possibility, could it be that the Brady bunch and other gun control advocates were just wrong? I cant belive that, after all Wisconsin was the 49TH State to adopt such a law and if they are wrong they are 0 for 49. Who would belive that this group of highly educated people could have a record that bad? Not to mention that I hear the same promises for the lone holdout State of Illinois if they were to adopt similar law. No this coverup is nationwide involving both local and national news agencies and it is very scary.

    Speaking of Illinois, Not only are they the lone holdout of concealed carry they are also the lone holdout of the media cover up. Everyday on local news there you see stories of gun violence and there citizens getting murdered in record numbers. This leads to me to belive that passing a concealed carry bill and media cover ups go hand in hand, You cannot have one without the other.


    I plan on sending this to all the papers on December first. What do you think my chances are to get published? I of course will clean it up by then and if you have any suggestions to make it better please let me know.

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    Sounds like Illinois should pass a Conceal Carry bill, just to get all the shooting off of the News (because of the "cover up".. Just pass the law and suddenly it will seem like a safer place.

    I enjoyed your humor.. It's funny how "THEY" can tell the same story over and over again, and nobody in the news calls them on it.. It's like Australia going gunless for the same reasons as Britain.. Couldn't the news just report how it worked out for Britain?? How Violent crime went up, not down after the Gun Ban??
    This is the REAL cover up.. That the news will report groups propaganda, without investigating and calling them on their errors..

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    That same scenario plays out in every state where CCW has been taken up by their legislatures and when the bill passes. Wild west, blood in the streets, violent road rage, etc, every state every time.

    Let's wait to hear what Chicago has to say when their time comes. No, not Illinois, it's Chicago that rules up there...
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    No matter how the stats turn out.... the anti-gun lobby has used the "more guns = more crime" as the cornerstone for their hype for years.... despite the fact that it is a bald faced LIE! While repetition may not make things come true.... If one can convince enough pudding heads that something IS so... that, sometimes, is enough.

    This isn't about "crime control" any longer, it's about citizen control by our elected elite. It's about hedging bets as to whether the average American has the chutzpah to "back down" a disfunctional and overwhelming Government. In the streets if not at the ballot box. (What DID happen to all those budget cutting, hot to trot, freshman Congresscritters from last election? Eaten by the long time existing vipers?)

    One cannot subjugate an entire population, unless that population is disarmed.... first and foremost.

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    People have been carrying firearms throughout history and they will continue to do so. The gub saying we can or cannot is not going to change that fact. Pocket guns have been a mainstay of the arms industry since their inceptions. Just about everyone I know carries and not one of them has shot anyone. Give me a friend with a gun over some anti any day of the week. They may save my life instead of dialing 911 and peeing on themselves.

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    They cannot stand the fact that they are proved wrong at every turn, when the anti gun lobby paid for studies and the studies proved them wrong, they have no where to go but to the lies they tell. Old TV show said it right "Just the Facts" More guns = less crime look at the anti gun states they try to blame crime on guns and not the BG's. Peace, Love, Colt 45.

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    And why would you send this to the newspapers? No one reads them anymore, everyone but fools know they don't do anything but lie.

    Nightmare is correct, they can't stand the to report they and their liberal bias is wrong.

    IMHO Liberals are so busy lying and misleading, they can't stand the truth.

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    The media must engage in selective reporting; any instance of inappropriate use of firearms is reported, but if a person lawfully defends themself it is typically not reported. Seriously, how often do you see positive headline news reports of lawful self defense?

    Sickly, an instance of self defense that saved an innocent person from a violent criminal will later be reported as an instance of gun violence when they compile & report "data". If a distinction is made between a shooting that is justified and one that is criminal in the "data" of firearms use I've yet to see it.

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    I'm a reporter - and so are all of my readers - weekly since 1982.

    About 2 months ago, I started covering home protection weapons because I did my job and discovered that there has been a considerable upswing, beginning in 2009 and continuing - true across the board but strongest for ages 50+. As a reporter to reporters, I'm delivering briefings about what I'm learning and reviewing products - especially accessory products - that help home protection weapons fit into the context of personal productivity gear in an office, home or mobile workspace.

    But the reporters I reach - and I reach into some very lofty places - are also my colleagues and friends and I have no expectation that something like a Maglula - no matter how cool it is - will soon be a nightly news topic.

    Then again, I think a lot of my pals drink the Kool-Ade when it comes to iPhones and iPads.

    We've all grown up with an expectation that a newsroom is omniscient and some careful parental figure sifts through it all to be our maitre d' of information, filling the nescasts with the things we most need to know. Most of the news guys I know would love for that to still be the case.

    But the news economy imploded and newsrooms are working at their thinnest staffing levels ever.

    It's a situation that lets the bean counters have a little more sway than usual, and in management, there's a clear understanding of a basic truth:

    News is entertainment. You show the stories that are most likely to get your newscast mentioned the next day at the water cooler - or that night on texts and tweets and social media.

    For what it's worth, the local coverage (northeast Ohio) is for the most part less alarmist. One county sheriff reported that the most dramatic use of home protection guns happened in a fairly small number of incidents where the homeowner held the bad guys until the deputies could show up.

    So let me also mention that in most markets with more than one TV station there's seldom more than one station that tends to go for the sensational and alarmist coverage. Watching them and complaining loudly about them is a tricky way that they are actually getting you to help them in the ratings. Make a point of watching any of the other stations - and getting your friends to do the same - and that kind of coverage will fade over time.

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    Finally the liberal media is on our side...I'm happy that this is being covered up hehe....

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