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    He survived & will recover is all that matters to me. The weapons & buggy are replacable, he is Not! I dont think its Random, id be willing to wager a half a paycheck that atleast one of the actors was either related or knows this man personally? How else could you literally walk or drive up on an Armed citizen and successfully shoot & rob them?
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    Plus 1+

    I would be talking more to the cousin.
    There was a related story link on the page that spoke of an encounter he had at the range a few days earlier with a couple of weaponless guys hanging out...

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    I dont think they should jailed, instead they should be strung up at the range, and used for target practise.

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    In case anyone is interested, here's what OKShooters raised to help the guy:

    Final tally:

    1857.00 cash (1820.00 spent on the replacement items, cash balance of 37.00)

    Replacement items:
    1 Pac Out Gun Hauler (replacement buggy)
    1 Ruger Mini 30 Stainless with 2 / 20 round mags (replacement rifle)
    1 Mitchell Black Lightning 22lr with 2 / 9 round mags, AR15 carry handle (replacement rifle)
    1 S&W Sigma 9mm with 2 / 10 rnd mags (replacement pistol)
    1 Beretta 92G Police Turn In with 2 / 15 round mags

    Other Goodies!!
    1 SKS Scoped Rifle
    1 Mosin Nagant Rifle
    1 Leather Range Bag
    3 Year Membership to USSA for Mr Payne and his Wife
    2 XDM gunsmith mats
    1 Velcro side saddle (holds 7 shot shells)
    1 Pro-Shot 8 piece stainless steel cleaning kit
    1 - 2fl oz Hoppes Solvent
    1 - 2fl oz Royal Purple Synthetic gun oil
    1 Bob Allen soft rifle case
    1 .30-30 MIGHTY PEN
    1 box of Winchester 9MM rounds
    Gun owners also got some pretty positive press out of this.
    Kelly Bostian: Shooting community comes to aid of victim of attack | Tulsa World
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    Rule #1....
    Never go hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or to an outdoor shooting range all by yourself....
    2 or more armed guys/gals hanging out 'together' is a hell of a lot safer & better odds than one lone person i.m.h.o. Don't let the theiving bastards bring you down and stay safe folks.
    Fascist's are Magicians...They can make our Property, our Freedom's & even our Children 'Disappear'.

  6. WOW, Glad the guy will recover, Prayers out to him and whoever takes down the doosh-bags that robbed him.

  7. Mental note don't shoot all ammo. I have been to ranges that I shot everything. All my weapons is alot of value . Great place to releve me of them. It could of happen to any of us.

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