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Thread: shoulder holster help

  1. Rjfleming..... Reread third post. Thanks.

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    I have a Galco JA for a glock. Adjusts well and carries nice, you will forget you have it. Like rjfleming says, sweeping your support arm is a very easy thing to do so practice.
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  4. Tuts, thanks. I've got a Colt Commander that has been customized as for this style carry. I know about practice, practice, practice. That is a staple that must be done with any holster. Jackass is in my top two, yet no one has made mention of an Aker, which they have been around the block also.

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    Get a leather one with less bulk. I have a nylon type but find it to have to much bulk under my arm. Leather looks better too.

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    My .02

    I have the Uncle mikes shoulder rig I know you did not ask for this one but it does fit ( kinda ) I am a barber and the iwb,owb,aiwb do not work hair droped on & in my gun so went with mentioned rig 20 years no flaws,sweeps,no shot twig&berries :))

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    I have a Miami classic for my g23 and love it

  8. Thanks everyone who has commented. I'm thinking if going with the Galco Jackass Rig which has various componentry available, which the Aker does not.

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    Miami Classic II. I like the horizontal mag holder.Good construction for a production holster. Reasonable price IMO. I have one for a 1911 and a G29/G30

  10. Just ordered a Galco Jackass first thing this morning. Looking forward to getting this.

  11. I use a Bianchi Shoulder holster (which isn't on your list) for my 1911. I prefer the Bianchi to the King Tuck IWB as it is more comfortable in more situations.

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