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Thread: shoulder holster help

  1. shoulder holster help

    This has probably been beat down at some point here, but here goes.
    Looking to buy a shoulder rig, and am having a tough time deciding on which one. Looking for input on these models.
    Galco Jackass
    Galco Miami Classic
    Galco Miami Classic II
    Aker 101
    Aker 201
    Differences, likes, dislikes. I'm just looking for info, not a beatdown of why I shouldn't carry this way. Personal preference is my choice. Thanks everybody.

  3. Shoulder holster is not a safe way to carry a weapon it is never pointing in a safe direction. In my opinion a inside te pants by de santis or so would be a better option

  4. I've got owb, iwb holsters. I'm asking for holster info on the above mentioned rigs, not safety concerns. Condition one with safety on (1911), and trigger guard is covered. Safety, no different than carrying an AIWB in a Blackhawk neoprene, pointing at the twig and berries. It might be your preference to not use a shoulder rig, and that's fine. What I'm asking for is people's experience with any of the ones I mentioned.

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    My favorite way to carry is using a shoulder holster, but buy a vertical one so the gun points down. I would suggest the Uncle Mikes right here: Uncle Mike's - Pro-Pak Vertical Shoulder Holsters

    Quote Originally Posted by truckingman79 View Post
    Shoulder holster is not a safe way to carry a weapon it is never pointing in a safe direction. In my opinion a inside te pants by de santis or so would be a better option
    Actually, my shoulder holster is a vertical one so it points down (safe direction) and conceals great.

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    Smile Shoulder Holster

    I have carried in a Shoulder Holster for years and I have never had a problem. hammer is covered and trigger is covered.

    Galco is the best one to buy from. You can buy different holsters, ammo pouches and hang them from the same harness.
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    I am hoping you get some better answers.

    I have considered this for traveling. I love my IWB - Crossbreed ST. However, when driving long distances or to various venues, I would like to try a shoulder system. I still hate choosing wrong and wasting money.

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    I have only used these for large frame revolvers.

    The one time I tried a horizontal carry shoulder rig, it didn't conceal very well.


  9. Thanks so far, to all who have commented. If it helps I'm 6'0" at 170-175lbs. Certain rigs will go at a diagonal carry, just trying to figure out which to order. Found a website, which has really decent prices.

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    Most of the time when I'm relaxing at home you'll find me in some loose fitting, very comfortable Under Armour or Nike sweatpants. Not very accommodating with my Blackhawks SERPA or Bladetech IWB so the only practical way for me to carry and conceal a firearm is in a shoulder holster. I bought an Uncle Mike's shoulder holster about 8 years ago and I have no complaints. It's comfortable to wear, adequately conceals my weapon, and as long as the thumb-break stays snapped the trigger is well covered. I'm sure one day this nylon rig will wear out and I'll consider an upper-end leather one but even after hundreds of times worn under a hoody or light jacket, it's still in plenty good shape. I like to think of it as "broken in".

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    I don't think you specified the type/model gun you plan to carry and that may effect the type of holster.
    Right now I have a Galco Miami Classic for my Glock 26 and and old Bianchi rig that is usable as an up side down sholder holster or as a belt holster for my 3"bbl S&W 36. I use one or the other of them when on long car trips and not so much for EDC any more. In the old days (the 60's and early 70's)my EDC was a S&W MOD 27 4"bbl.357 and I carried it in an old Berns Martin front break strong side holster(which I wish I still had today) or a Vertical carry sholder holster but I can't remember the brand. The big thing is to develop and practice good technique for the draw so you DO NOT Sweep yourself (or others) during the draw.

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