Zombies!?!? Really CDC?
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Thread: Zombies!?!? Really CDC?

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    Zombies!?!? Really CDC?

    OK, am I the only one to think it is odd that the CDC has released a book on how to deal with Zombies,earlier this year? They did release it as a graphic novel type guide, as not to alarm the public. Good ploye if you ask me. Come on it is the CDC! You know a real government agency. http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm

    Also Hornady released Zombie-Max ammo in in October of this year. This new ammo, is avalible in .380 auto, 9mm luger, .40 S&W, .45 auto, .223 REM, 7.62x39, .30-30WIN, .308 WIN, and 12 Ga., looks like they are serious about it. Ka-Bar first showed off there new zombie hunting knife line at the 2012 Shot Show. Does the government know something they are not telling us regular folks?
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  3. I found your post intriguing given that husband and I just recently started watching Walking Dead and we love it. Here's a link to the CDC's book info: CDC - Read CDC's #ZombieComic Preparedness 101 Zombie Pandemic

    I'm thinking the CDC is just using our culture's love of Zombies as a way to discuss emergency preparedness. And as for the ammo manufacturers, they know that putting Zombie in the name will sell at least a few extra boxes.

    It's only since I've started watching Walking Dead that I can appreciate all the past posts on this forum and others around zombies and such. Lots of shooting on that show and until a recent episode where it was revealed that the Veterinarian keeps them alive in his barn, it was open season on Zombies. And you had to hit them in the head and can't waste any bullets. (Okay, you must now think I'm off my rocker. Nah, just get a kick out of the show).

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    I just bought a box of Hornady Critical Defense .45's and the GS owner told me the only difference between it and the Zombie Ammo was the box and the fact that the plastic insert was glow in the dark green instead of the red in the CD. I wonder if that helps the Zombies see it coming?


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    Welcome to mainstream 2011 where zombie movies and zombie video games are the most popular. You can thank the media for this zombie hype.

  6. Don't count out the movie Zombieland, where they also give you good tips. Doubletap, Cardio, check the back seat. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by mncarrydude:246540
    Don't count out the movie Zombieland, where they also give you good tips. Doubletap, Cardio, check the back seat. Lol
    Ya and stay out of Garland Tx lol

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    Laugh if you want but I know zombies, the walking dead, are real. I saw them on TV and there are videos even on the internet. I say get ready or you will be sorry.
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    Regardless of people's views or beliefs;it is an easy way for the CDC to inform people about being prepared. Now, I am not a disease expert,but,a disease is feasible to infect people in zombielike ways.Remember I am not condoning or saying anything except that it is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slag_it! View Post
    .Remember I am not condoning or saying anything except that it is possible.
    Say what????


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    The possibility of a viral disease that effects mankind to act in similiar ways. Read what is stated prior to what you quoted and its self explanatary.

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