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    FN P 9mm

    I am thinking about buying a FN P 9mm I don't know a lot about them and was wondering if anyone can tell me how they shoot any problems with them, how they like it. This gun will just sit at home and wait to go out to the range as I have a nice carry pistol G23 so I won't be carrying. Any help or opinions would be nice as I have not made up my mind that I am getting this yet.

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    A friend of mine has an FNP-9 and it's a very nice handgun. It's trigger pull is smooth and there isn't a lot of kick with white box ammo.

    In my limited experience I would certainly consider purchasing one.

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    I've heard both sides on them, never owned one. Some say they're lousy others swear by them. Check it out for yourself and make your own decision don't ley others do it for you.

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