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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveBlues View Post
    All explosives just burn. Some just burn faster than others.
    Also not true. Explosives detonate, not burn. Some detonate faster than others.

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    Wonder how you would "speedloader" an SA revolver? :-) That's what the movie cowboys had. they left out the reloads, cause they take about 15 seconds each, and that's if you are FAST, and filming cost way too much to waste even a fraction of that much time! NO, hollowpoints don't have lots of stopping power. Most don't even expand in flesh, as you can prove to yourself anytime, by shooting some coons or possums. Regardless, expansion per se is not power per se. Put a hp in a .38 snub, and it's still only got 250 ft lbs, at best, which is a feeble blow, really. A 357's 500+ ft-lbs is a pretty serious strike, but a .38 is like a left jab compared to a MONSTROUS right cross.

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    also, Knight has successfully suppressed a revolver, don't ask me how, tho. Maybe a neoprene "o ring" at the rear of the barrel and another one on the front of each chamber? 22's can be suppressed so well that you can hear the firing pin hit the cartridge. If it is an autoloader, theres a bit of noise that exits the ejection port with the fired casing, but it's still no louder than a very mild handclap. I wrote Paladin Press's bestselling book, HOW TO MAKE A SILENCER FOR A .22. I get no further monies from its sales. I DO know silencers, is what I am saying here.

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