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  1. Visiting Law Enforcement Carry

    Here's a question.

    I am visiting foreign law enforcement on a long term deployment to Florida. Normally I would bring a handgun with me and carry under authorisation from the State Department. No problem.

    However, I do not wish to import a firearm this time. I have been running around in circles trying to find an answer. because I am not importing, the State Department does not get involved. I qualify to purchase ( have official clearance from ATF) However, Florida cannot issue a CCW as I will be a non-immigrant. FDLE do not know the answer. ATF do not know the answer, my local PD (with whom I am working) do not know the answer, County Sheriff does not know the answer :)

    Has anyone come across this before?

    To summarize
    If I import (as foreign LEO on official business), I can legally carry (State Department authorization)
    If I do not import, ATF will allow me to purchase (visiting foreign LEO)
    No one seems to know what permit I need to carry or who issues it.
    Florida cannot issue CCW because of my non-immigrant status

    This is driving me nuts

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    Check Florida law. Many states exempt law enforcement officers from permit laws.

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    If you are legitimate law enforcement, you dont need a permit to carry.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    If you are legitimate law enforcement, you dont need a permit to carry.
    This would indeed be true, if I were United States law Enforcement. I am not, I am visiting FOREIGN law enforcement. I have no law enforcement powers in the US. However, as I said above, the regulations covering visiting LEOs IMPORTING a firearm are clear under State Department rules - I can get State Department authorization to IMPORT and CARRY. If I do not IMPORT, there is in fact no rule to cover this eventuality. ATF say I can purchase, the State Depart say it has to be done at State level, the State says their is nothing in the rules to allow or indeed prevent me carrying. The problem is, if I carry it is undocumented.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rich_S View Post
    Check Florida law. Many states exempt law enforcement officers from permit laws.
    Only U.S. LEOs. I have spent weeks on this talking to different state and federal agencies. Everyone agrees it shouldn't be a problem - even ATF can't figure out why there isn't a procedure in place, no-one can point me to a documented solution. To give an example of how it can go wrong if I do not comply with the law. Suppose the PD I am liaising with say "go ahead, carry, its OK" and the county Sheriff says "its OK with us too".... thats fine in their jurisdiction. Then I travel out of the local jurisdiction and get stopped by FHP for something...... can of worms. It would probably be OK in the end after numerous phone calls establishing ID, confirmation that I was here on official business etc, but it will probably take hours to resolve.

    It it weren't so ridiculous it would be funny :)

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    You already went to all those 'Official' agencies and they can't help you?

    Then you come here for help?

    Now that's just funny. I feel for you but if you start listening to folks here, your head will be spinning more than you ever feared it would. :):):)


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    Yeah, please do not accept legal advice from an internet forum
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    Sorry, your situation does not bring anything to mind, for me, except that you are an LEO from another country. What kind of answer could you be possibly looking for here at this forum? If my lack of concern for your situation or my lack of awe for your position isn't appreciated by you that's ok. No really, it's ok.
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    Get a carry permit from another state that Florida recognizes?

    It's nice that you are in a privileged class of human beings. Commoners who are not citizens of the US must be here on an immigrant type visa and maintain 90 days continuous residency in the same state before legally purchasing a firearm here.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Yeah, please do not accept legal advice from an internet forum
    It isn't legal advice I am looking for. The LEGAL position is quite clear, the PROCEDURE to document the legal position isn't

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