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Thread: Update for "Smart Phones"

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    Update for "Smart Phones"

    Dear USCCA,
    Really like the forums and enjoy the wide variety of topics. My question or request.

    Can you get the "IT Guys" to change format for the smart phones. To allow rotating phone and zooming in. Eyes need bigger type, especially on the smaller screen. THANKS

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    This is not USCCA, this is USA Carry. And there is a free iphone and android app. Search for USA Carry.

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  4. Washington State...smh LOL

    I can see how USA Carry and USA Concealed Carry can get confusing...
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    It still needs to expand. Just sayin.....

    Psalm 82:3-5

  6. Rotates on my phone no zoom though

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    sorry boys and girls for the typo! good to see you jump and twitch. hope you didn't break anything, like a hip :)

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