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Thread: Looking for a first time hand gun

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    Yeah, Hi-Points are good for two things: they're cheap, and they make good anchors (or clubs!) I just sold mine, never gonna drink from that "kool-aid" ever again!

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    Sounds like you got the point.. 350-450 at a reputable pawn shop will get you a decent used name brand gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidhambleton View Post
    This is my first time looking for a hand gun. What would be a good first pick. Just want it for home and a little rec. I really don't want to spend more then 200.00 any Ideas?
    $200?? I'd say get proficient throwing rocks.

    Add $100 and you should look at a Ruger LCP or Kel-Tec PF9. I'm sure there are others out there in the $300 range as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidhambleton:247601
    This is my first time looking for a hand gun. What would be a good first pick. Just want it for home and a little rec. I really don't want to spend more then 200.00 any Ideas?
    The criteria of "good first pick" and "$200" are pretty much mutually exclusive.

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    You can generally get a good used Ruger P series 9mm for around $300...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    May as well spend the $200 on a nice baseball bat for self defense, or a BB gun if your looking to do target shooting. If you can find a gun under $200 it will more likely than not be a waste of money and useless hunk of metal. Or just save up and buy a quality gun.
    Have to agree with that.

    Tell you what... Go to "gunbrokers.com" and you can see what the price range of virtually any gun on the market is going for, new as well as used. If you see something you might like, then research actual "field tests" on the specific unit. Next you try to get "hands on" the weapon you might like somehow/somewhere. (Even better if you can shoot it as well... i.e. rent a range gun.)

    I gotta be honest with you, though..... You are not going to find much of anything worth betting your life on for $200 or less. Unless you find a "motivated" seller! LOL!

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    if you can't afford more for the gun, how can you afford the 25c or more per shot for the many thousands of rds it takes to get any good with one, and the many 100's of rds per year it takes to maintain an adequate level of skill? On top of the $50 an hour, for many hours of coaching, range fees, trips to the range expenses, etc, etc. ?

    also, all "first guns" should be .22lr, saving you $200 per 1000 shots, so they pay for themselves quickly. The only thing I can recommend under $200 is a USED(testfire before buying) Phoenix Arms HP22 pocket autopistol, in .22lr. Decent guns, in centerfire, even in used condition, are $200 perhaps if you can find a private seller, and if they have pretty worn or beaten up finishes, but from a dealer, in nice shape, you are going to pay more like $300 and up. Maybe a used taurus .38, or a Rossi, can be had that cheap, but they aint much in the way of a gun for saving your life.

  10. Hottie got it right on. If you can only afford 200 dollars then you might want to think about a 22 cal. Bullets are much less expensive and fun to shoot and will not break the bank. Or maybe you can ask Obama to cancel his next golf vacation that we pay millions for and he can give you some of your fair share. Since this Marxist is all about fairness he may as well give us his millions of dollars that he stole from the tax payer.
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  11. It depends on what you want the gun for. If you are going to carry it all the time I would look for something like a Kel-tec, but they are a bit more money than $200, if you just want a gun to go target shooting with and basically just a "plinker" I would suggest the Hi-Point (I am gonna hear about that one). A lot of people don't like the hi-point as they are bulky and a lot of plastic parts. This is true. But I have a hi-point and a colt and the hi-point performs just fine. I would not take it match shooting, but for a first gun, to shoot at some targets, it works. And it is in your price range. I have almost a thousand rounds through mine and it still puts lead down range. Guns are a lot like car or pick-ups...you have die hard chevy fans and die hard ford fans and die hard dodge fans, same with firearms.

    But what most guys are saying is true, the more you pay the better weapon and the more choices.

    And too, as hotti says if you are limited in your funds and it is your first handgun, start with a .22 rimfire. There are a lot of choices out there in that calibre. I think every major manufacturer has a .22 cal. option.

    Good luck.
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