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Thread: Looking for a first time hand gun

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    .500 Smith and Wesson. Definitely.

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    .... and be sure to have thick wrists! LOL!

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    Actually, you can find quality used guns for under $300, from private parties, all day long, and for well under $400 at dealers, if you look online and haggle a little. But, if you can't handle $500 for the gun, you can't handle the cost of enough 25c a shot centerfire ammo to do anything but "bluff" with it. You can BLUFF with a $100 (used) Phoenix Arms HP22, and still have half of your $200 to buy 2000 rds of .22lr to learn to use it. if you ever have to shoot a man with a .22 pistol, figure on emptying it at his eyes, nostrils, temple, base of skull, behind the lower ear, center top of head, or into his ear hole. Anyplacee else, the .22 handgun is likely to not pierce his skull. It certainly isn't likely to have any swift effect with mere chest hits, and often, a head hit that does not reach the brain still "rocks his world."

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    Did you find you a gun David?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidhambleton:247601
    This is my first time looking for a hand gun. What would be a good first pick. Just want it for home and a little rec. I really don't want to spend more then 200.00 any Ideas?
    Research, Research and research some more! !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iam2Taz View Post
    YUP! Research, research, research. Buy once and get quality.

    Good luck.
    I am new to guns as well and although I am doing some research and have had some limited handling of them, what do you look for when looking for quality? I mean, everything has a good feel to it when it is new but that doesn't mean it is quality stuff. As of now I am looking at the LC9 or perhaps the SR9C and I know I can't go wrong with either one of them but are there certain things one should look for especially for a less knowledgeable consumer?

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    It should be like an extension of your hand...Fit the hand correctly so when you raise the weapon to the target it should be easy to aim "like pointing your finger"...

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