Looking for a first time hand gun
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Thread: Looking for a first time hand gun

  1. Looking for a first time hand gun

    This is my first time looking for a hand gun. What would be a good first pick. Just want it for home and a little rec. I really don't want to spend more then 200.00 any Ideas?

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    Revolvers: 38 special, 357 mag
    Autos: ruger mark III .22, glock 17 9mm, Springfield xdm 9mm,
    Lots of choices all depends on what you want to do with it and how much rec. You going to do with it. $200 good luck on any handgun in that range ??? Push it to $300 and you'll have more luck :)

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    Cant help you with a $200 limit The cheepest guns with best quality would be Steoger cougar 9mm, 40cal,45acp $399

    This is the same as berreta cougar. Steoger bought all tooling from beretta.

    Taurus would be the next cheepest.

    The Ruger .22 long rifle pistal is around $250. This would not be my pick for personal protection. 22long rifle pistol is good for target plinking also cheep to shoot.

    For shooting left handed I would recomend taurus 800 series. Yhis is made for left and right handers. I shoot right handed and left handed this is very good gun.

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    May as well spend the $200 on a nice baseball bat for self defense, or a BB gun if your looking to do target shooting. If you can find a gun under $200 it will more likely than not be a waste of money and useless hunk of metal. Or just save up and buy a quality gun.

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    You might (emphasis on that might) be able to find a decent .38 revolver used for $200. If you're REALLY lucky, you might find a CZ, Taurus or Kel-tech in 9mm for that price (used of course). If you're looking for new, you're pretty much going to have to at least double your budget. Most decent pistols in 9mm run $300+. At the $400 mark, you start getting into the range for a used S&W M&P, Springfield Armory XD9, or Glock. Once you get to the $500+ mark, your options open up a lot more.

  7. Thanks sounds like I need to raise my price hu.

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    I understand the budget issue...Just keep in mind you do not want to drive a car with bad breaks....You would fix it or buy a better car...Guns are like Gold..Get the best you can. Look at one of the gun auction markets you may find a used gun closer to your budget....Feel free to ask about different guns here and we will give you our thought about the maker. Good luck and thank you for making the decision to become a gun owner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidhambleton View Post
    Thanks sounds like I need to raise my price hu.
    You bet!!! You heard the saying "You get what you pay for"?? A good quality gun will start at $450 to $500.
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  10. For $200 all ur gonna get is a boat anchor....oh I'm sorry, I meant a Hi Point. Spend another $350 and get a quality weapon like a Springfield Xd or a Smith & Wesson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidhambleton View Post
    Thanks sounds like I need to raise my price hu.
    YUP! Research, research, research. Buy once and get quality.

    Good luck.

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