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    Gun Range

    So I'm from south west Pa and in my area there are not alot of options(ranges) to go and shoot. The closest one is about a good half hour drive and is a field with a back stop and a pavilion covering some tables (State Maintained) I have been tossing around the idea of starting a nice indoor/outdoor range in the local area to give hunters and gun enthusiast a better option than garbage any thoughts on how to go about doing so? All imput is welcome

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    Before you do anything else I would look into what insurance will run you. I would imagine that could be a huge factor.

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    Gun Range sugestions

    Check out the NRA web site. They have a ton of information you may need.

    Here's the link:

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    You might want to talk with the local gun stores. Usually they have an idea on the local ranges. If there are no ranges see if you can partner with the stores to buy land.

    Insurance will be huge. You are talking thousands of dollars in coverage. You should have in mind at least what type of ranges. 25-100 yrd do you also want >200 yrd? How about pistol? Just a plinking range (which is a good start). How will the ranges be laid out? (Does the shooter move to change distance to the target or does the target move?)

    What are the range rules? What are the legalalities (sp?) of a range in the area? How are funds going to be raised o maintain the range?

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    I don't know what you had in mind..I shoot at an indoor range. It is only 50ft. But it handles all centerfire rounds up thru .45, lead rounds no jacketed. It is in the middle of a town, right next to a busy roadway. there is no outdoor shooting, but it is great especially in winter. Just letting you know that it is feasible to have one pretty much anywhere that zoning will allow. The name is Buffalo Revolver and Rifle Club. I don't know if there is a website, but you can look. The land is definately zoned commercial though.

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    I have looked into the ins aspect and it is in the neighbor hood of 500k coverage the area in which I live is pretty much country with patch towns all around so I would be able to do long ranges and also short pistol ranges. I would like to do and indoor range for rifle and pistol to cover the winter months. As far as up keep I was thinking of a club/public range meaning if you belong to the club you get speacial prices and the public would have other prices and would also like to have a social hall for food and drinks so that it could be family oriented to get the youth involved in learning gun safety and so fourth

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    Checked the link they have good info there and basically a manual on how and what you need to do to start a range

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    You will also have to consider staffing. That is also a huge commitment/liability.

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    Insurance will be "expensive" at first, but will go down with experience. It always does. There are specialty markets that insure ranges. NOT your standard Farm Bureau or State Farm guys. You can make it happen, but you are going to have to put out some money to get it started.

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