Man Charged with Showing Handgun During Argument
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Thread: Man Charged with Showing Handgun During Argument

  1. Man Charged with Showing Handgun During Argument

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    Well that was stupid of him. If theres no threat then why bother pulling/showing it thats when bad things happen.

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    I think that's a big no-no, a display of arms with intent for bodily harm or something like that. As a permit holder you're supposed to use more intelligence and walk away before anything escalates into something you'll regret later
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    There's not enough information to really tell who was wrong and who was right
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    The question remains, ladies and gentleman of the jury, did he actually do it or not. He says, "No, but was afraid for his wife and child." Another witness (outside of the group?) says he never saw a gun drawn. - Now they (the trespassers) know he had it, so it leads me to believe something happened. Did I miss something? This was on his property? 8 people on his property? Trespassing.
    Now, Clarksville is tamed down and citified. But there are a lot of places in TN I wouldn't get out of my car for any reason for fear of not ever being found again. Too many sink holes!

    I am not in any way saying he was right. I'm just saying that there may be more to the story. He never should have let on that he had a gun unless he was going to use it.

    I don't want to convict a guy based on what the newspaper says. When is the last time they actually got the facts right and didn't twist the story?

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    WTF - in Tenn you can't display your firearms on your own property? I could understand if he was waving the thing around and threatening people, but the story says he displayed the gun.

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    Agree with Treo, not enough information....

    But if i were to make a judgment with the information provided, 8 vs 1 on his property, I'd say he was in the right for now.
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    None of us can say whether his actions were good or not with that little amount of information.

  10. I hope everyone remembers me posting about this man Steven Jay Sockey just seeing my handgun at the Gym as I was changing, this after he was mad that my wife had walked to slow in cross walk in front of the gym.
    He knew he could not confront a woman so he followed me into the gyms locker room.
    I had not seen his face did not know who he was, as he walked up to me and asked if I had just come into the gym.
    He noticed my handgun in my gym bag where I had just placed it.
    He never said another word, just went out to where the gyms manager was in his office and said I had threatened him and pointed my handgun at him.
    Police were called and Tulsa Police Officer Kristy Maxwell Allen, after just asking me if I did have a handgun in gym and where was it at.
    She went and spoke to the gyms manager and Steven Jay Sockey, then came back took me to the locker room got my handgun and placed me under arrest.
    With nothing but this guys saying I did and me having my handgun with me, she just took his word as fact arrested me.
    as many might remember after around a year of going to the Tulsa County Court House each Month my case went to trial and the jury found me not guilty.
    I just wish to point out that just someone seeing your handgun and them having a beef with you, you could end up in jail and in court.
    I am now in the process of suing Steven Jay Sockey for what he did and the trouble he caused myself and my wife.
    I may not get a dime and it is costing around $2,000 for my Attorney, but it is forcing him to also get and Attorney and pay him, so I bet he will understand that what he did was now causing him and his wife some problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    None of us can say whether his actions were good or not with that little amount of information.

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