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  1. just consolidated my collection

    I decided to sell off my current guns to personalize my collection. As of right now I'm currently down to my marlin .22 for defense haha! I had a Taurus m605, kahr cm9 and Taurus 738 and it just wasn't working for me so I'm going to break it down to 1 handgun and 1 shotgun, then start a savings for an AR.

    For the handgun I've decided on a Springfield xd 3" 9mm. It was a hard choice between 9mm and 40s&w but in the end I prefer the extra 3 rounds in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. I'm stumped currently with my shotgun choice though. Mainly for HD however I am a outdoor range nut and go quite often, I'm currently debating a mossberg 500 or remington 870. From my understanding both have interchangeable barrels. Any suggestions?

  3. I have a Remington 870 Tactical with an 18.5 inch barrel and the two shot extension. Really nice shotgun. Perfect for home due to short barrel and extra capacity. You can always change out the barrel to a hunting barrel if you want to hunt with it. I prefer it over the Mossberg due to location of the saftey(on trigger rather than back of receiver). If you ever want to convert to a pistol grip stock, it is awkward to work the safety on the Mossberg. Both a great choices though. You will not regret either.

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    I too am keeping it simple while saving for the Rock River RA-R15. I currently have a Springfield XD .45 service for the house and carry a Tauras PT145 .45 on th hip IWB & a Kel-Tec P3AY .380 on the ankle for conceal carry. My only other purchases are going to be the Highr point 9mm carbine amd a shotgun. I too am leaning towards the Remi 870 or the Mossy 500. I have done some research on the Maverick 88 which is made by Mosseburg and will take a Mossy 500 barrel on it and it's only $176.00. I seen nothing but good reviews on this thing so I might get. I got the XD amd Taraus mainly for it's stopping power but I believe when the **** hits the fan 9mm, 7.62 & .556/.223 are going to be the best survival rounds. I also have a Mossy .22 tact rifle for hunting small game if we need to eat. I also believe the .22lr will be a good barter round. One thing to consider is getting a good compound bow for hinting for survival needs, you save ammo and won't give away your position. Good hunting my friend.
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    Only 3 guns?? Lol good luck with that. Get a Mossberg 500!

  6. Me too

    I am only having 2 hand guns, Both Bersa's and Both 380. They feel the best for me and can handle with arthritis. One on the belt the other on the ankle. A shot gun next then the high point carbine. Should be good. wife is happy with her Baretta PX4 Storm subcompact.

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