crossbreed holsters.
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Thread: crossbreed holsters.

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    crossbreed holsters.

    Just ordered a holster from Crossbreed Holsters and have a couple questions for people that have crossbreed holsters.

    Question one: said it would take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver. When you ordered how long did it take to get.

    Question 2: Are the holsters easy to adjust.

    Question 3: Do I need to treat the leather with anything before use.

    Thanks for the info. And please if you have a Crossbreed Holster leave a review. Thanks.

  3. Mine took about three weeks to get, super easy to adjust, and I put a leather conditioner on the outside to help it break in faster.

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    Hey I got mine a few months ago, took 3 to 4 weeks for mine to be delivered. They are pretty way to adjust, just need a philips head screw driver to adjust the belt clips. I did treat mine with saddle soap (picked it up at walmart) to stop the squeaking/creaking from the belt clips. The first time I applied it I didn't use enough and had to re-apply soon after. The last time I did that was around a month or so ago. Might ned to do it again, I do notice the creaking from the belt clips every now and then, but it is still way quieter than the first use. Its an extremely comfortable holster, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  5. I have a crossbreed supertuck for my Smith&Wesson SD40 and I love it. I got mine in under five weeks. As far as adjusting the cant of the firearm it is vary easy. All it takes is a phillips head screwdriver. Im only 5' 10" 140 pounds and I have no problems concealing withthis holster. As far as treatingthe leather goes, I didnt treat mine at all and it is still extremely comfortable compared to other iwb holsters ive worn such as uncle mikes iwb holsters and Galco's summer comfort. If you dont like the retention of the holster when wearing itthen you can simply send it back to CB no questions asked or you can do it yourself pretty easily with some research (youtube). Oh and I have even worn it to a few special events where I had to tuck my shirt in and the holster still performed flawlessly. Its ugly but it doesnt irritate my skin as i prefer not to wear undershirts and the two steel clips allow for very little unwanted movement of the holster.

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    Does it make you sweat a lot being right next to you skin?


  7. Took it about 4 weeks to arrive. Have not used saddle soap or any other leather product. Adjusted the clips to find the right height I wanted and put it on to break it in. Have no squeaks or problems. Conformed to my body and it conceals my full side Glock 22 or my Glock 23.

  8. To get rid of the squeak get a piece of Teflon tape and put a hole in it then use it as a washer between the clip and leather. That should solve the problem.
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    I have had mine about a yr now and will never use a
    anything else. I ordered from Midway USA and had it
    like every other order in less than a week.

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    Thank you all for the great info. Can't wait to get it and try it out.

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    Their belts are nice too, love mine.
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