Anyone Hear The Sonic Boom?
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Thread: Anyone Hear The Sonic Boom?

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    Anyone Hear The Sonic Boom?

    I didn't know anything about it but heard a big boom that scare the **** out of me and the dog. I put her in the kennel, grabbed my flashlight and started checking out the windows to see what it could have been (Glock was already on me :icon_smile: ). Not seeing anything I turned on the local news and saw the shuttle was landing over us which caused the boom! Had to have a little laugh to myself after that.

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    te he! :lachen: Welcome to Flah Duh, Luke! That was just one of our shuttle fleet passing over on the way to the Cape.
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    I never will forget being woke by the sound of doors ratteling and a boom one morning wondering what had happened. About 30 -45min later watching t.v. I learned that the space shuttle had broke apart as it passed over Texas. That was a very sad day.
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    Well I'm glad it was nothing horrible like that.

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    I was staying at the Howard Johnson in Titusville on the first shuttle night landing. Ihad set my alarm to wake me up 30 mins before the landing and set the TV to the NASA channel before I turned it off. My room had sliding glass doors that opened on the parking lot, and in the wee hours of the morning the doors suddenly shook like somebody was coming in. I went straight from dreaming to condition red, grabbed my gun off the night stand and prepared for a fight, but all was quiet. I knew about the shuttle's sonic boom, but it couldn't be that because the alarm would have gone off. I looked to see what time it was and saw the blinking display. No one had bothered to tell me that Titusville always loses power when the shuttle olands because the booms knock transformers off power poles! Anyway, I grabbed some shorts and ran outside just in time to see it glide in for the first time at night. No one had ever seen the fire before either. We all thought they had installed landing lights on it.

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    I can understand the initial shock. never had anything like that happen to me before. but once when I was in kindergarden my dad kept me out of school one day so we could go see the shuttle land. I remember seeing it land. wish I could remember it more. then once in 3rd grade my grandparents took me and my sister on a trip to florida. we got to go see a rocket launch. no one on board and that was a good thing. just after it cleared the cloud line we heard a big boom.. wasn't sur eexactly what it was. then a couple minutes on the radio they confirmed that the rocket blew up.
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  8. I have heard a few of them during the first Gulf war. I know they can shake the dust off the rafters that's for darn sure! It always makes me a little nervous I also don't like hearing those fast movers overhead just don't want to get mistaken for a BG. I had a buddy who had his outfit get strafed by one of our own during the Gulf thing. It kind of makes a impression on you.
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    Yep I heard it also. I was outside talking with a friend and heard 2 sonic booms. I forgot the shuttle was coming in so it caught me alittle off guard also.
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  10. yeah I heard it...had to turn on the news to see what it was because I didn't know a shuttle was landing...
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    I'm always too far north to catch any of that. It would be very cool though.
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