Interstate Closed After Gunmen Open Fire
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Thread: Interstate Closed After Gunmen Open Fire

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    Unhappy Interstate Closed After Gunmen Open Fire

    Be careful and keep your head down. It's a jungle out there
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    It is scary out there. At least no one apparently was killed in this incident.

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    Shooting into random vehicles on the freeway. That is just psychotic.
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    Shooting into random vehicles on the freeway. That is just psychotic.
    A few years ago some friends and I were headed up to Indianapolis for Ozzfest when someone was sniping cars on I-65... I went on and took 31 up before the interstate was closed to get past the congestion... When we did get back on it was a little eerie, there was a column of APC's from the nat. guard right past the on ramp merging on the interstate.

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    saw this on the news when I woke up this morning. what a freak.
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    That's a little south of me here in VA but people around here started talking like it was the Beltway Shooter all over again! :confused22:
    Apparently they have a suspect in custody after a brief shoot-out. They used his own Gremlin against him.:13:
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